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How to eradicate Illegal Marijuana Grow Operations

How to eradicate Illegal Marijuana Grow Operations

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 10/21/2013 in Medical Marijuana

In the mainstream media we get to hear day in and day out about “another illegal pot bust” happening in some national park or “illegal marijuana grow danger to wildlife” and so on. Now, I’m not in favor or using national parks to grow cannabis illegally because it does have negative impact on the environment.

Some of the negative impacts from these operations include; using poison to deter deer or insects, pollution by growers, added chemicals for speedy grows and so forth. Not to mention that at times these growers are armed with weapons and this poses a threat to unwary hikers.

How do you stop illegal grow operations?

The answer is quite simple and the only reason these grow operations hasn’t been “nipped in the butt” is due to the fact that the Federal government doesn’t even consider the answer. What is the answer? Quite simple really, it’s called legalization.

In order for the illegal operations to not have any significant value for growers would mean to make cannabis legal. This will drive down the price and increase competition to current regular smokers. In other words the illegal market would not be able to compete with the cheaper and superior product in the legal market.

In addition to legalization I would continue to place harsh laws on any illegal grow operation in national parks in aims to increase the risk factor and decrease the benefits of thus said risk. Maybe you can place heavy fines, forest restoration sentences where the guilty party would have to restore a forest for X amount of time. There are endless “good punishment” that can be applied to this model.

Everybody should be able to grow at home

Finally to check mate this issue we’ll simply implement a stipulation that any adult can grow their own cannabis at home. Not everyone will do this of course which will still leave space for the legal industry to grow but completely undermine all illegal operations. Now why would you buy cannabis illegally when you can buy it in a store or grow it at home with no risk of fines or jail time?


It’s actually quite easy when you come to think about legalization as the cure to illegal grow ops, but as soon as our dear government captures this idea, only then we’ll see these operations vanish. If you are in favor of ecology you are Pro-Legalization!

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