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Embracing the Extinction of “Dinosaur Politics” with Marijuana

Embracing the Extinction of “Dinosaur Politics” with Marijuana

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 10/22/2015 in Marijuana Politics

Sen. Jeff Sessions, GOP dinosaur extraordinaire recently spewed forth the bile known as Prohibitionist rhetoric citing some ludicrous things about cannabis in general. One of his biggest mistakes was lumping all drugs together and then concluding that “marijuana” is the real danger.

We’ll go through his cannabis hate speech to show you exactly why this dinosaur requires a warm toasty meteor to end his political existence.

Not getting his facts straight

Dear “old” Sessions started off by saying, “I think it needs to be said that the president should never have said smoking marijuana is like smoking cigarettes: ‘Oh, I wish I hadn’t done it…” which by itself was an incorrect statement, as President Obama actually said that “smoking marijuana is no worse for you than drinking alcohol”.

Everybody with access to a smartphone can say that “smoking marijuana is NOTHING like smoking cigarettes” because whereas cigarettes brutally claims the lives of roughly 400,000 people each year…cannabis actually saves people’s lives. So before you go swine out with your prohibitionist rhetoric Sessions, get it right.

Another thing this pre-historic politician claimed was, “Now we have states legalizing it, and they are already talking about recriminalizing it” however, can you name one State that wants to turn back their millions of dollar industry and recriminalize it?

In fact, the exact opposite is happening…MORE STATES ARE OPTING IN FOR LEGALIZATION….SESSIONS! Next year will be a landslide legalization initiative with at least 8 more states hoping to join the legal cannabis industry. There is absolutely no state that wants to recriminalize cannabis, we’re not living in 1938…Sessions.

DEA Hogwash

Finally he tried to convince people that marijuana kills by saying, “The Drug Enforcement Administration called me recently and told me that 120 people a day are dying of a drug overdose in America,” he continued. “How many of them have serious brain injuries as a result of those overdoses? Our Presiding Officer, Dr. Cassidy, has been around emergency rooms. How many people are taken to emergency rooms and at what great cost to our communities? How many lives are disrupted? How many children are in broken homes? How many people had to leave their home because one spouse or the other has spent all the family money on drugs to support a habit? How many children have been abandoned, went to bed without food because of addiction in their family?”

Well…”Sessions”, firstly that statement has absolutely NOTHING to do with cannabis yet again. 120 people a day are dying of a drug overdose…sure, we can stomach that. However do you know which drugs are causing these overdoses? Nowhere in the DEA statement does it mention cannabis.

However if Sessions actually did some research instead of merely being a political puppet he would have searched the CDC website to find out that, Every day, 44 people in the U.S. die from overdose of prescription painkillers, and many more become addicted.

This means that of the 120 he mentions, only 78 are from ‘other’ drugs….however, which drugs are they? In this link by you won’t find marijuana mentioned anywhere. So how does Sessions make the correlation between Marijuana and daily deaths? He’s inventing it of course.

This dinosaur must walk into the light, nobody is going to miss him. It’s time that we begin to pressure politicians who are antiquated and are plainly lying under oath. Whether “ignorance” or deliberately lying to the American public…this man should have his seat of power revoked immediately.


If anyone is willing to make a petition…Marijuana Doctors will definitely share it and spread the word.

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