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Educating Parents on Proper Cannabis Smoking and Storage

Educating Parents on Proper Cannabis Smoking and Storage

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 07/06/2015 in Medical Marijuana

With an increased availability of cannabis, there has been a spike in childhood marijuana exposure. Note that childhood exposure to bleach still trumps the exposure to cannabis; however, it is an important issue to address nonetheless.

Children make their way into everything and if something isn’t properly stored, could wind up in the mouth of the child soon thereafter.

This is why it is important for parents who use marijuana for medical or recreational purposes to properly educate themselves on storing and consuming their marijuana, especially with small children around.

Childproofing your Stash

While statistically speaking, your child is in no real danger of dying from marijuana exposure; it is something that reflects poorly on you as a parent. Locking up your alcohol, properly stashing you cannabis out of the reach of your children is just good parenting.

Make sure that your cannabis is out of reach, locked up and preferably in a childproof container to avoid any unnecessary events. Remember, smoking cannabis isn’t irresponsible, but not making sure your kids can get their hands on it is.

Consuming at the right times

Sometimes in medical emergencies, you need to take your medication regardless of the situation happening around you. Most medical patients tend to prefer to vaporize which eliminates smoke already making the environment better suited for a child. Nonetheless, try to medicate in another room away from your children.

While ideally we would want to live in a world where preserving one’s health is not considered as taboo, the reality of the situation is that we are in a transitional period within cannabis acceptance. In order to facilitate the general acceptance of this medicine and recreational substance, it is our duty to take the precautionary steps to usher in a new paradigm for the people to digest.

Since the ‘kiddies’ are a very sensitive subject within the rhetoric of the prohibitionist, it is best to take extra precautions to ensure that your child is safe from anything that could go wrong.

Something that will happen regardless

In the end, some kids will get exposed to cannabis, yet statistically speaking only roughly 5% of these exposures are considered ‘critical’. For the most part, the kids do all right after the effects have worn off. The effect this recklessness has on the legalization movement however, is far more severe.

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