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Easing Heroin Withdrawal — Cannabis Could Be The Key

Easing Heroin Withdrawal — Cannabis Could Be The Key

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 10/07/2016 in Medical Marijuana Conditions

Heroin addiction has increased considerably in recent years. An estimated 46 people each day succumbs to heroin overdose. With this kind of fatality rate, overcoming heroin addiction has become a major necessity, yet those who attempt withdrawal often find the symptoms to be so severe they fail time and again. This brings up the important question of what can be done to ease these withdrawal symptoms enough to allow those who want to put their addiction behind them a greater chance to do so. There may be a way to make this happen. The use of cannabis can significantly help ease the debilitating symptoms associated with both heroin withdrawal and opiate withdrawal.

Symptoms of Heroin Withdrawal

With many drugs, withdrawal symptoms that are most bothersome are psychological. With heroin, however, the physical withdrawal is often so difficult that the person trying to battle his addiction never makes it through the harsh physical symptoms without giving in. Physical pain can be overwhelming. Add this to the restless legs that often prevents sleep. A person who is lacking sleep experiences even greater pain. The circle becomes unending. Once the initial physical symptoms are alleviated, the psychological symptoms set in.

The first things cannabis works to reduce is the pain. It is this pain that is most likely to cause recovery to fail initially. The cannabinoids in cannabis, work to ease the pain, making it tolerable. What’s more, the marijuana allows for a calmed mind that promotes sleep. It is during that sleep that healing best takes place. The nausea associated with withdrawal is another symptom that medical marijuana helps ease.

Heroin addicts are often under-nourished. In order to physically heal properly, the recovering addict needs to increase his nutritional health, eating regularly and adding weight. With the nausea, however, this becomes nearly impossible. When cannabis is introduced to the picture, it actually works in two ways. First, it reduces the nausea, making it possible to tolerate eating. Secondly, it increases appetite, making the idea of eating appealing. The increased appetite allows for the added nutrients that help the body heal.

The psychological benefits are then addressed. The proper strain of cannabis both calms anxiety and produces a feeling of positive well-being. This allows the recovering addict to face the day with a more positive outlook and increased mental strength. These benefits, when added to the increased physical health further increase the success rate.

Aren’t You Trading One Addiction for Another

This is one of the biggest arguments heard by those who advocate the use of marijuana to alleviate heroin withdrawal symptoms but the studies done to this point don’t show this to be the case. While research into this use of medical marijuana is just recently being done, it appears there are two things that occur when heroin addiction is overcome with the help of marijuana.

The first group of people find that once the addiction has been overcome physically, the altered state of mind created by the medical marijuana allows them to undergo psychiatric  therapy that addresses the initial reasons for turning to heroin initially. With the learning of more appropriate, and healthier, coping skills, the individuals find themselves not feeling the needed help of the cannabis eventually. They are able to put it aside and face life completely drug-free.

Another group does feel the need to continue using medical marijuana on a regular basis, However, the use is often very limited and is used as a way to treat the underlying anxiety the individual may find is a part of their basic personality. These individuals use the marijuana sparingly, allowing for less chance of returning to the addictive drug that was killing them. Considering the benefits afforded by the medical marijuana, it can be compared to the need for anxiety medications that these individuals would need if the marijuana was not used. In the end, the side effects of the medical marijuana are less severe and less destructive t the individual’s body. This medical use can’t be considered any more an addiction than regularly being dependent upon psychiatric medication.


Heroin addiction and opiaite addiction is reaching epidemic proportions in this country. The studies on the use of cannabis are still new in this area, but so far the use of such for alleviating withdrawal symptoms and basically saving the lives of those who are trying to break a heroin addiction are all positive. It has allowed a large number of individuals to break away from their heroin addiction, gain physical and emotional health and live lives that are not only productive but are also lasting.

If you are dealing with an addiction problem, speak to a marijuana doctor about using cannabis to ease heroin withdrawal and opiate withdrawal symptoms, and begin to take back control of your life, today.

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