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Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 07/23/2013 in Medical Marijuana

A new survey that was released last Tuesday revealed a majority support of American parents in favor of supporting the legalization of medical marijuana. This was not the only surprise this survey turned up, as half of the parents also support the legalization of recreational marijuana. It is evident that parents, advocates and patients are increasingly showing a sense of rising support for this miracle plant.

Although the initial paragraph may catch some viewer’s eyes and make them wonder if whether or not this statistic could be true, it is very much fact. What makes this survey even more compelling is that the author of the study is the Partnership at, which has long been one of the harshest critics in the country of drug use. Surprised? I don’t think you should be, as it’s clear that more and more parents are realizing that their children have the potential to be arrested for such a nonsensical cause.

The Partnership at Drugfreeorg addresses the overall acceptance of marijuana in the United States in the survey titled “Marijuana: It’s Legal, Now What?” With the United States becoming more and more increasingly green as time rolls on, it is very clear that society’s approach and overall feelings towards marijuana have dramatically shifted. Currently, marijuana is now legal for recreational use in Colorado and Washington State, legal for medicinal purposes in eighteen states and the District of Columbia, and effectively decriminalized in about fourteen states.

Nearly seventy percent of the respondents of the survey showed great favor for medical marijuana legalization, while fifty-two percent favored marijuana decriminalization. Also, forty-two percent of the respondents favored legalization for recreational use, implemented in a similar manner to the systems used in Colorado or Washington State. Of those respondents who were interviewed, 1,603 of them were adults and 1,200 of them were parents of children who are aged from ten to nineteen.

Many should view this survey as being a tell-tale sign that the Partnership at is becoming a more progressive organization and accepting what is bound to happen. As some marijuana supporters view the move as a begrudging acceptance of an inevitable situation, let’s just say that the tribe has spoken. Out of all the recent surveys that have been conducted, the acceptance of marijuana remains completely on the rise.

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