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When ‘Drug Warriors’ talk about the ‘Dangers of Marijuana’

When ‘Drug Warriors’ talk about the ‘Dangers of Marijuana’

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 02/14/2015 in Medical Marijuana Research

Bill Bennett’s “Morning in America” radio talk show recently invited Gen. Arthur Dean about the dangers of legalizing marijuana. To be honest, I sat through the entire 11-minute segment gripping my hair due to the absolute ignorance that was vomited on the airwaves.

Let’s look at the speakers

Both Bennett and Dean are both past drug warriors, Bennett being a Drug Czar and Dean having worked on government sponsored ‘anti-drug’ initiatives established by the first Bush who took the White House. They have an obvious bias against cannabis and claims that ‘science’ has nothing to do with medical marijuana, conveniently forgetting the Shafer Report in 1971 and counts of other medical studies that came out in support of cannabis as a medicine.

Their facts are bias

Of every single fact presented in this discussion, none was from external sources. This is the same as asking Phillip Morris to conduct health research on cigarette consumption. They failed to report on the counts of studies that were conducted “outside” the US in places like Israel and so forth.

They talked about cannabis lowering your IQ and it being ‘irreversible’ when that specific study in question was debunked due to a number of incongruences within the procedure of establishing the results. The challenge came from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences claiming that socioeconomic status plays a far greater role with IQ than cannabis does.

The problem with citing these flawed studies from so-called “experts” induces the idea that Cannabis does reduce your IQ when it has not been proven. That’s like counting your chickens before they hatch and isn’t very “scientific” at all.

They claimed legalization should follow ‘Proper Protocol’

Another point that was made is that cannabis legality should go through the FDA first before it can be reclassified as a medicine.

The problem is that the FDA won’t touch it unless the DEA says so, and the DEA won’t reschedule until the FDA says so. This Catch-22 have been standing in the way of cannabis research for well over four decades now.

In some cases, the DEA took years to respond to petitions, prolonging arrests and drug enforcement activities.

Cannabis enthusiasts would gladly accept going through ‘proper protocols’ if those protocols were just, however this isn’t the case. Corruption and special interests are at the core of the DEA and the FDA, which brings me back to the Philip Morris example.


Finally, the focus of the debate is completely off. I have said this before and will say this again. We should not focus on the ‘dangers of marijuana’ but rather the ‘dangers of prohibition’ which have had over 76 years to prove it’s efficacy and have failed on every count.

Alcohol is a dangerous substance, yet we don’t feel compelled to arrest drinkers no do we? Cannabis is infinitely safer than alcohol, so why all the hypocrisy.

It seems, these drug warriors are only interested in one thing…keeping their jobs!


Oh, before I forget…the segment started with a song from the Beatles, who were heavy into psychedelics and pot smoking. Don’t you just love double standards…

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