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Drug Testing and Synthetic Marijuana – What’s the Relation?

Drug Testing and Synthetic Marijuana – What’s the Relation?

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 05/29/2015 in Medical Marijuana

We’re hearing more and more about emergency room visits due to synthetic marijuana (k2/Spice/Scooby Snacks). While the substance have absolutely nothing in common with marijuana, the purpose of its creation was to mimic the effects of cannabis. Yet unlike cannabis, you could die from it and it suffer horrible side effects like kidney failure and more.

While I have previously spoken about how prohibition actually created this drug, I wish to point out one of the main motivators of this act – Drug Testing.

The Drug Test Culture

Do not be fooled, the drug testing industry is quite lucrative. There are many people who make millions from other people peeing into a cup. Only a handful of companies actually make these tests and the purpose of it is to provide a ‘drug free workplace’ or at least that’s what they say.

Personally I feel it more to be a violation of your privacy since these ‘testers’ need to use either blood or urine to conduct these tests. In other words, they would never have known you did drugs if they didn’t extract the information directly from your body.

Nonetheless, it is present in thousands of businesses, schools and many other programs all over the nation. Many people were getting caught with drugs in their system and in turn lost their jobs or worse.

Due to this invasive culture mixed with humanity’s insatiable desire to get high, ‘synthetic marijuana’ was created.

Not the real thing

If cannabis couldn’t get you fired or arrested, the odds are that synthetic marijuana would never have been created; at least it wouldn’t have been called ‘synthetic marijuana’. Yet because of the laws in place, people had to choose between ‘getting high’ and keeping their jobs.

This is the precise reason as to why this drug was created. It can get you high and it’s legal! Sounds too good to be true…and it is! These untested, unregulated chemicals are not prohibited by the Controlled Substance Act and even if they eventually get around to making a particular chemical illegal, chemists merely change the formula slightly and it’s legal once more.

Thus as a direct side effect of prohibition and notably drug testing, the birth of K2 became a reality. If we only stuck to the real thing, we wouldn’t have seen more than 1000 people go to the emergency room last month for using this knock off designer drug.

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