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Why Drug Prohibition is a Colossal Failure

Why Drug Prohibition is a Colossal Failure

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 11/14/2014 in Marijuana Politics

Proponents of prohibition claim that they want to make the world a “safer place”, especially for the kiddies. However, prohibition after more than seventy years of existence has only made society more dangerous, inflated government agencies and provided a strong revenue source for illegal organizations.

Prohibition is “unachievable”

Prohibition aims at “ridding the world of drugs” because according to them, “getting high” is detrimental to living a “fulfilled life”. They claim that because people consume drugs, they are less likely to do things and more likely to be a “weight” on society.

Yet conveniently, they completely overlook legal drugs such as alcohol and tobacco and even prescription drugs. They believe that people somehow has the will power to control their behavior under these substance. Yet when it comes to cannabis suddenly, people have no more will power or cease to make “rational choices”.

To think you can govern people’s consumption habits is to think you can control what they say. Prohibitionists would require constant monitoring of individual behavior to be able to pull of “prohibition” which is impossible to achieve. The number of users far outweigh the number of police officers available meaning that there is no way that drug use can be stopped.

Making the world more dangerous

Police that are busting potheads are not busting real criminals. The more you force the police to play “nanny” to adult consumption, the less time they spend on fighting crime. By maintaining prohibition, you are essentially barring cops from doing their job and as a result, crime flourishes.

Filling up prisons and creating criminals

Prohibition doesn’t deter use, it creates criminals. When someone is imprisoned for drug use, you are essentially taking their “harmless act” (at least towards society) and couple them with real criminals. Someone might walk into jail with a bachelor’s in cannabis and can walk out with a Masters in Heroin.

By punishing consumers like criminals, you aren’t addressing the issues of addiction. You essentially sweep the problem under the rug hoping it will take care of itself. In fact, in only costs the taxpayers extra money and doesn’t solve the problem at all.

Bottom line

Whatever prohibitionists want to tell you, the ideals of prohibition is detrimental to their own objective. Not only is cannabis under prohibition readily available for young people to consume, there is absolutely no benefit one can rationally assume from prohibition.

It’s time to end the drug war once and for all!

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