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What do doctors have to say about Medical Marijuana?

What do doctors have to say about Medical Marijuana?

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 11/03/2014 in Medical Marijuana

We have noticed one of our Facebook users post a question on several posts asking the following: “Why aren’t doctors on the front line of legalization since they took a Hippocratic Oath to look out for the best interest of their patients” (paraphrased).

Since here at Marijuana Doctors we love to find the answers on the behalf of our users, we have done some research to find out exactly what doctors have to say about medical cannabis.

Most doctors are in favor of Medical Marijuana

A recent survey done by WebMD and Medscape found that a vast majority of medical professionals are in favor of legalizing cannabis medically on a national scale. Within the survey, more than 1500 doctors were approached in over ten states.

Many doctors are fully aware of the medical properties in cannabis. After all, it has been legal medically for nearly twenty years in a few states. Throughout these two decades, there have been thousands of documented cases where cannabis has helped with things like Cancer, Epilepsy, AIDS, Crohn’s and much more.

In fact, some figures suggest that cannabis can treat hundreds of diseases due to the 450 compounds within the plant and how it interacts with our endocannabinoid system.

What were the results of the poll?

So what did these doctors have to say about cannabis for medical applications? 69% of the doctors said that medical cannabis should be legalized for certain conditions and treatments. 67% said it should be a medical option for the patient. 56% supported the notion that it should be legalized nationally. Half of those doctors in “prohibition states” said they support legality within their own states.

As you can see that a vast majority of the doctors are in favor of legalizing cannabis for medical purposes.

What about the doctors who don’t support cannabis?

Some doctors are completely against cannabis and when you follow the money, it usually turns out that these doctors are on the payroll of companies and institutions that profit from prohibition. Many doctors act more like Pill pushers for pharma than actually caring about the wellbeing of their patients.

What should we do with these doctors that apparently are breaking their Hippocratic Oath? Firstly, they have legal justification for their stance so “technically” they are merely following the law (according to them). What you can do, is switch physician.

When these prohibitionist doctors realize that they are losing patients because of their “view” on cannabis, the odds are they will quickly change their opinion about the subject.

As a consumer, a patient, the only real power you have lies within your wallet. If a doctor doesn’t support the medical science behind cannabis, then why continue to support that doctor. You can always switch your primary physician, which is your right!


In 2013, another poll published in the New England Journal of Medicine, which included the response of 1446 doctors from 72 different countries, showed that 76% of these doctors favored medical cannabis.

Doctors are fighting for cannabis; while it might not look like it…there are many doctors that risk their licenses daily in recommending cannabis to their patients. In fact, the minority of doctors are against cannabis and if your doctor is one of them…switch to a Marijuana Doctor.

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