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Doctors Ready To Release Study On Health Effects Of Marijuana

Doctors Ready To Release Study On Health Effects Of Marijuana

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 01/13/2015 in Medical Marijuana Research

A panel of physicians in Colorado have been researching and studying the potential effects marijuana may have upon an individual’s health, and they are now are ready release a report of the trial’s findings. This comes 1 year after Colorado officially began the legal sale of recreational cannabis.

The panel is due to meet one final time before releasing their report to lawmakers of the state. They have been revising all compiled data and scientific studies on cannabis with the aim of determining safety regulations needed to protect pot users. At the end of the month, doctors are expected to inform lawmakers of whether or not new consumer cannabis warnings are necessary.

The panel physicians have released partial findings on such matters as nursing mothers who use marijuana, and on whether or not cannabis use impairs the cognitive development of children. Findings thus far have revealed mixed reports, and limited evidence in many areas.

Panel physicians include an addiction psychiatrist, pediatricians, and toxicologists.

The State of Colorado has also committed $8M towards grants that will fund further medical marijuana research efforts. is an online portal that helps patients find a marijuana doctor. Speaking on behalf of the organization is CEO and founder, Jason Draizin, “Finally we are going to see empirical scientific data that will help the me

Health Effects Of Marijuana

dical community to better understand all the potential that the cannabis plant can provide patients in need. This data is not only going to help advance our understanding o

f me

dical marijuana but it is also going to

prove to the government that cannabis does indeed hold medical benefit, and therefore it can not be qualified as a Schedule 1 controlled substance, because according to federal definition and legal literature, in order for a substance to qualify as a Schedule 1 controlled substance it can not hold any medical potential.”

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