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Destroying the Myth: Does Marijuana Makes You Dumb?

Destroying the Myth: Does Marijuana Makes You Dumb?

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 09/11/2013 in Medical Marijuana

Within the United States of America, there are over 83 million people that have consumed marijuana for medical and recreational purposes. Even though this group is still considered a minority, the number of people that consume it is still a big part of the population. The enigma comes with all those affections related to the subject, most non-users of marijuana relate it to the 70´s and a bunch of hippies laying in the grass, doing nothing but existing. On the other hand we find brilliant people, pioneers in sciences and arts, consumers of marijuana that have opened the doors of technological and human evolution in the last decade.

Many cannabis studies have been made to prove or disprove whether marijuana makes a long-term negative effect on human brain, especially in areas related to cognitive functions and realizing specific tasks. The results are often exposed as a bad anti drug campaign, claiming that marijuana makes an obstacle towards the path of complex thinking and retaining information. But when we talk about people like Jobs (apple co.), who admitted consuming cannabis in public, we doubt cannabis use has a negative affect on complex thinking. So the question remains; does marijuana make you actually go dumb?

First of all, we have to take in consideration different things. When universities or big companies realize studies, they use a specific marijuana strain, most of the times the concentration of THC in the strain is very powerful and that quality of marijuana cannot be obtained in dispensaries or in the streets. When the subjects in the study intake cannabis, they´re usually exposed to a different dose that they usually consume or it’s the first time that they take the substance. The difference in dosage has a direct impact on the subject’s behavior, making significant changes in their performance. If we were to measure the performance of a heavy alcohol drinking in his first glass we could see that the person would actually be able to handle cognitive and physical activities, but if we were to evaluate the performance of a non drinker after a shot of tequila we would be able to observe a dramatic change in his or her abilities.

Cannabis, like any other substance, has an effect on human body and brain. The amount of practice that a person has realizing tasks while under the influence has to do with the experience that the brain accumulates as significant learning, like we learn how to ride a bike when you where a kid, after some practicing it becomes easy and almost automatic. Cannabis has touched the lives of very important people in history, opening the door not for other drugs, but for evolution by giving new perceptions to global problems, providing in a lot of cases the solution for a better world.

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