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Destroying the Amotivational Syndrome Argument

Destroying the Amotivational Syndrome Argument

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 09/24/2013 in Medical Marijuana

Many people will tell you that smoking weed makes you lazy. These people, that say this…don’t smoke cannabis. It always makes me wonder how these “experts” can draw their conclusion on a substance they either have very limited experience with or none at all.

They cite government studies that have been proven to be nothing more than paid propaganda without the intention of double checking their facts; after all…the government doesn’t lie!

Now, one of the major arguments in the drug debate is that cannabis makes you lazy or more appropriately induces “amotivational Syndrome”.

This argument has absolutely no scientific validity and cannot be proven. Most of you who smoke and are reading this are probably shaking your heads right now. How many consumers are hardworking, tax paying citizens? A great deal actually!

Close to 100 million Americans have consumed cannabis, about 6-10 million are daily users. If the amotivational syndrome was real, we would see a massive decline in the productivity of thus said users. Yet no such evidence exists!

Prohibitionists tells you that you have no motivation because you are smoking cannabis whereas I would rather argue, smoking cannabis made me realize that something might not be “worth” the effort. Let’s say you’re working in a dead end job, smoking cannabis might awaken your awareness of your situation. If the pursuit of happiness is in the Declaration then coming to a realizing that “something” isn’t making you happy is a positive thing. If Cannabis can help you cipher out “what you like” and what you don’t, it actually acts as a motivational tool.

Cannabis does not make you lazy. This is nothing more than a myth. If you are lazy prior to smoking, you’ll be lazy afterwards. Laziness comes through lack of motivation. When you don’t find something appealing, you procrastinate to avoid the action. None of the motivational aspects have anything to do with cannabis but rather your own personal perception on the “emotional reward” from doing any type of action.

Some cannabis users are lazy, unmotivated people…but many non-cannabis users are also…who are we blaming for that one?

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