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Designer Marijuana Strains – The Future of Cannabis

Designer Marijuana Strains – The Future of Cannabis

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 02/03/2015 in Medical Marijuana Research

I’m sure by now you have read about ‘Skinnygirl” which is a marijuana strain that Bethenny Frankel is planning to launch that won’t cause munchies. The strain is allegedly engineered to not cause the effects of munchies when you smoke it, but still produce all the euphoria you can dream of.

While the science behind Skinnygirl is still a mystery as the PR didn’t mention on ‘how’ they will achieve this, it does hint towards another conversation regarding designer cannabis strains and designer cannabis medicine.

The evolution of the medical marijuana industry

With the rise of recreational cannabis, it is necessary for the medical marijuana industry to evolve. Using cannabis as medicine requires specific doses and to treat certain conditions, you require more of one compound than the other.

I believe that Skinnygirl, along with strains like Charlotte’s Web is the beginning of a new dawn in cannabis-based medicines. It’s taking the medicinal power of cannabis and directing it to treat specific symptoms or conditions without producing undesired side effects. The CBD rich strain of Charlotte’s web doesn’t cause the ‘High’ associated with marijuana.

While Skinnygirl is designed for the recreational market, we might begin to see similar trends within the medical field occurring. In the future we might see strains to treat neuropathy, migraines, specific pain regions and much more. As the science behind cannabis evolves, so will the effects of marijuana and the methods of cultivation.

From strains to facilities

Another evolution I’d like to see happen is the evolution of cannabis-based medical facilities designed to treat specific conditions along with designer strains.

Imagine for one second the idea of “Cannabis Cancer treatment Center” where specifically grown strains that target specific cancers are available in a wide range of applications. Specialization is required in the medical cannabis field, which will establish a greater sense of validity in relation to cannabis medicines.

One day we could see treatment centers for Crohn’s, Epilepsy, Cancer, Aids and much more appear and I personally hope that happens.

The medical cannabis industry thus far has relied on their monopoly to promote cannabis health. With the competition of the recreational market, they will be forced to evolve to make cannabis medicine more effective creating higher credibility in the efficacy of cannabis as medicine.

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