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Democrats Promise “Pathway to Cannabis Legalization”

Democrats Promise “Pathway to Cannabis Legalization”

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 07/29/2016 in Medical Marijuana

It is official, the Democrats have officially appointment Hillary Clinton, as the Democratic presidential nominee, and vow to lay the “pathway to legalization” — but what does that mean for cannabis legalization and the end of prohibition?

Albeit Clinton voters should get their head’s checked, they are none the less in high spirits after the official nomination, while Bernie Sanders and his brothers and sisters of revolution mourn the loss of an opportunity to save the country from inevitable demise, courtesy Donald Trump, Hillary’s only potential presidential competition.

And although supporters may have booed Sanders for endorsing Hillary as the Democratic nominee, for those in the know understand that politics is really a just one massive big reality show, so Sander’s endorsement was really no big surprise.

Nonetheless, it is important to recognize that Bernie Sanders has done a lot to change things in the Democratic Party, during his run for nominee — especially in regards to cannabis. In a recent announcement, the Democratic platform announced that it will now include language, that calls for a “Pathway to legalization”.

And while this is obviously a politically dubious statement that doesn’t concretely call outright for legalization, it does however, reveal a shift in paradigm, and is casting the spotlight light on the legalization issue. What will happen next is still anyone’s guess. But if Clinton is fortunate enough to outwit, outlast, and outplay Trump, will congress make the rational decision to repeal cannabis prohibition? Although they hold the power to do so, the odds of them doing so, are highly unlikely.

What does a “Pathway to Legalization” mean?

As mentioned previously, the language used to describe their shift in paradigm is rather evasive. What does a pathway to legalization mean, does it mean that move forward with legalization, or does it mean we will just keep talking about the issue?

What steps will Congress actually take, what actions will follow this noncommittal statement? These are questions that are left unclear and have left many skeptical about the wording of the Democrats, and rightly so — we have been duped before into believing that President Obama would be the “best president for weed”, however, under Obama’s administration more dispensaries were raided than under Bush’s watch.

So far, legalization movements have only advanced to a state level. This is an indication that the key to legalization lies in coming together on a local level to initiate the change we are federally seeking.

While it is good news that the Democrats are “talking” about a pathway to legalization, the true nature of that reality is still shrouded in mystery.

We do know however that cannabis is no longer a “shadow policy” but rather a mainstream topic which means that there could be significant movements in terms of legalization over the next four years, regardless of who takes the White House.

Perhaps the pathway to legalization scheme is just that, nothing more than yet another tactic to deviously garner votes in this November’s election, or maybe it will lay the pathway to legalization — only time will tell.

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