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How Deer Munched 960 Hemp Plants in One Sitting

How Deer Munched 960 Hemp Plants in One Sitting

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 09/16/2015 in Medical Marijuana

The deer are coming! That’s right, in Oregon a herd of deer made a break in on a sectioned lot of an industrial cannabis farm. While hemp contains small amounts of THC, it still holds a lot of other beneficial properties like essential fats, proteins and much more.

Allegedly the deer trampled a barbed wire fence to get to the crop and once they were in, it was the end of that ‘sectioned area’.

Deer Munchies

For those animal lovers out there concerned about the health of the deer, you have nothing to worry about. In fact, the deer are probably better off now, filled with beneficial cannabinoids, boosting their immune systems and simply providing better health.

It isn’t strange that animals eat the leaf of cannabis. There have been reports of cats and dogs eating the leaf and I saw this to be true with my own cat once. After smelling the leaf for a second, the cat simply munched the entire leaf and came back every day until my plants were destroyed due to spider mites. Both Monkey (my cat) and myself weren’t very amused by this happening.

Back to the Deer!

So apparently these deer busted the gate and started eating the entire crop. From 1000 plants, locals report that roughly 40 plants survived. Meaning that the deer went to town and then some.

Obviously this is a big loss for the growers but still makes for some fantastic “friendly” reporting. It seems that barbed wire fences isn’t enough to quell the insatiable appetite of hungry deer. Perhaps in the future they’ll have to reinforce their crop because if it’s not people after you weed…it’s the deer…or so it goes in Oregon.

A sign that cannabis is healthy

Animals are quite savvy when it comes to eating and they typically avoid foods that are not good for them. Yet when it came to cannabis, they couldn’t stop themselves from nearly depleting and entire lot of hemp plants which simply goes to show…nature knows that cannabis is good for the system. Now if our politicians can gain the wisdom of that herd of deer, perhaps we could end this silly war on nature?

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