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DEA’s Latest “Baked Bunny” defense is like something out of Monty Python

DEA’s Latest “Baked Bunny” defense is like something out of Monty Python

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 03/19/2015 in Medical Marijuana News

Last year DEA administrator Michelle Leonhart sternly spoke about her fear of ‘pets accidentally eating cannabis infused foods’ and that we should “think about the dogs”. While this might seem comical, the fact of the matter was that she was 100% serious about her comment. According to Leonhart, the safety of our pets are more important than our civil liberties.

We fast-forward one year and now we have the DEA at it again, this time…BAKED BUNNIES!

Utah and their Baked Bunny Dilemma

During a testimony to a Utah Senate panel last week, Special Agent Matt Fairbanks noted that wildlife could ‘cultivate a taste’ for the plant.

He spoke about a personal experience about the use of public land to grow cannabis and how it affects the environment in a negative fashion. Cannabis grows on public land do have a negative effect on the ecology however if cannabis was legal, the chances of “illegal grows on public lands” would vanish, meaning that his argument would be rendered useless.

He made a specific comment about how in one case they were eradicating a grow and saw rabbits who became dependent on marijuana and “refused to leave us…his natural instincts to run were somehow gone”.

This of course went viral within cannabis circles as yet another lame attempt from the DEA to use poppycock arguments to maintain their current ‘drug war’.

Similar to Leonhart, this comment seems more like the administration is reaching for anything that can help their cause; however, with every single comment of this nature…they continue to lose public support.

Nobody wants to see damage to nature…so legalize it

A simple fix to the Baked Bunny dilemma is to legalize it and allow adults to grow marijuana at home. By doing this, you remove the financial incentive to grow on public land as people can grow it themselves. Instilling a ‘barter system’ where adults can trade marijuana would essentially rob the entire black market of their profits since cannabis could become a ‘free commodity’.

In turn, if you can’t sell weed…why would you risk jail time growing on public land?

Words from the Baked Bunny himself (smoker’s fiction)

Please note that this is part of the article is satirical.

Ignored by the press, the comments from the baked bunny himself could have shed some light on the testimony by Agent Fairbanks who commented, “I didn’t want to leave because they were taking my stash, seriously! Have you ever tasted the sweet leaf? My fur is shiny, my offspring are strong…now what are we going to do” as he hopped away.

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