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Dear Prohibitionist – If you’re against marijuana, why aren’t you against alcohol?

Dear Prohibitionist – If you’re against marijuana, why aren’t you against alcohol?

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 02/21/2015 in Medical Marijuana

How many times do you hear prohibitionists talk about the dangers of legalizing cannabis? Every week there is another media figure or political figure talking about why we shouldn’t legalize cannabis. Whether their arguments are based on ‘what about the children’ or ‘a world full of addicts’, I find it completely hypocritical that they won’t apply the same strict rules when it comes to alcohol.

Alcohol is infinitely more dangerous than cannabis

Even if we take all the “alleged deaths” caused by marijuana; comparing that number to the actual deaths caused by alcohol renders those scare stories useless. Over the past year, we have heard of 2 cases where cannabis indirectly led to deaths. The first was the kid who ate the edible and leaped to his death at some college. The second was a man who killed his wife allegedly after eating a cookie.

Both of these cases made national headlines yet in both cases, the evidence was dubious and one couldn’t really blame “cannabis” for their death.

Compare that to the 80,000+ deaths directly caused by alcohol each year. Not to mention all the instances where alcohol was the driving force in violent crimes, auto-vehicular collisions, spousal abuse, child abuse and alcohol dependence.

We hear stories like “Kid ate cannabis infused candy and jumps out of window to his death” yet we don’t hear the stories about “Man under the influence of alcohol crashes into family van killing all on impact”. In fact, if we get down to it, alcohol claims 219 victims each day or roughly 9 people every hour.

If we take the alleged ‘marijuana deaths’ over the past year and compare it with alcohol we’ll find that cannabis claims .005 lives per day statistically.

219 victims versus .005 (allegedly) paints a pretty clear picture in terms of ‘which substance is more dangerous’

Why don’t they advocate the dangers of alcohol?

There is no arguing with statistics and to be fair, I had to assume that the marijuana deaths actually were caused by cannabis to even make a case for it. The fact of the matter is that prohibitionists who say cannabis is bad but is okay with alcohol are nothing but hypocrites. Next time they talk about the dangers of cannabis….just, ask them the following “Do you feel the same way about alcohol?”

If they say yes, then you have a purist on your hands and good luck with changing their minds. If they say no, then you have a hypocrite on your hands, have fun pointing out their hypocrisy!

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