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Dear Prohibitionist: Questions from a Concerned Cannabis User

Dear Prohibitionist: Questions from a Concerned Cannabis User

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 12/09/2014 in Marijuana Politics

Being in the business of Cannabis I frequently come across prohibitionists who defend prohibition with all their might. However, prohibitionists always focus on the “negatives of marijuana” and attempt to justify prohibition despite the fact that there is ample evidence that cannabis prohibition simply does not work.

Thus, I have decided to ask prohibitionists everywhere a few questions concerning their position on defending cannabis prohibition.

Do you truly believe that Prohibition works?

The first question I’d like to submit is regarding this failed policy. Does it actually work? When the war on drugs were declared, roughly 24% of Americans admitted that they have smoked marijuana in the past. Today we’re standing on 38% having admitted using marijuana in the past. If prohibition truly works, wouldn’t we see a decline in use?

The same statistics holds true for schoolchildren using cannabis, we have more teens smoking today under prohibition than when the War on Drugs was first declared.

So I repeat…do you honestly believe that prohibition works?

What about “other” dangerous substances?

Prohibitionists love to talk about the dangers of cannabis however when we talk about other substances, the same hate isn’t present. My question to prohibitionists young and old goes as follows; “If you are so worried about the dangers of cannabis, why are you silent about the dangers of alcohol or tobacco?”

Why is it that you only advocate that cannabis is illegal and these other two substances are legal? If danger was your true motivation for keeping cannabis illegal…wouldn’t you, advocate the illegality of these other proven dangerous substances as well?

Do you support the growing prison population?

The war on drugs have had an atrocious effect on America by incarcerating nearly a million for drugs alone? Most of these people busted for drugs are in fact busted for cannabis. Do you honestly believe that prison is less harmful than consuming marijuana?

Also do you support the fact that your tax dollars are used to maintain these cannabis users in prison which can tally up to about $40,000 a year?

America is supposed to be the land of the free however; we host the world’s largest prison population. Not to mention that drugs are very prevalent in prison, how can you support a system that can’t even keep drugs out of prison?

How does other people consuming cannabis effect you?

How does my cannabis smoking effect your life personally? Similarly, to someone drinking a beer in their house, how would an individual smoking cannabis in his or her house effect your life? It’s odd to think that the mere notion of someone else smoking cannabis can have such a deep impact in your life.

Under that reasoning, we should essentially prohibit everything. Some people don’t like your alcohol consumption, religious practices or even your binge eating…why would this constitute making what you do illegal?

These are honest questions and in order to advocate peace and understanding, it is important to ask these questions to those faithful prohibitionists…because in reality…prohibition doesn’t make sense at all!

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