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The Dawn of Cannabis Advertisement

The Dawn of Cannabis Advertisement

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 08/02/2013 in Medical Marijuana

The Marijuana Policy Project recently managed to purchase a spot on a NASCAR event only to have it removed after airing only once or twice. Apparently there was quite an outrage to compare the sanctity of “beer” with “unholy marijuana”.

Despite the debate over morality there was something significant that occurred within this entire ordeal; Cannabis Advertisement was born.

Analyzing the MPP Ad

The commercial wasn’t “amazing” in style but it did have that “commercial feel” to it. It served the purpose of making an amazing comparison to beer and marijuana with claims like “marijuana doesn’t have calories” and it’s “safer” than beer.

Other claims like “you won’t have a hangover” and so on didn’t sit well with Religious biggots calling themselves “pastors” and so forth. These “guardians of morality” believe that by even opening the debate between Beer consumption and Marijuana consumption is out right wrong! They claim that the statements about marijuana are false and that the MPP should be sued. (All of this is paraphrased from Fox and Friends).

The MPP and Activists like Tvert find the fact that “beer commercials” is okay with these “moral warriors” but speaking about “cannabis is wrong”.

Does this mean that Pastor “Whats-his-face” would easily encourage alcohol consumption and deem that “morally responsible”? It seems that since alcohol does claim more than 50,000 lives per year and is directly linked to violent behavior would be treated with harsher consequences but then again…morality is ever changing and to legislate that is like legislating opinion.

What about the Future of Cannabis commercials?

Don’t think for a second that Pro Cannabis commercials will fade. In fact, you can begin to expect more cannabis commercials happen. The cannabis market will be forced to brand their product lines which will open a brand new market for advertisement. You can expect more people using modern advertisement technqiues to reach their target demographics.

With more people accepting cannabis consumption as a norm and celebrities declaring their desire for cannabis over alcohol, the fact of the matter is that this new market will only evolve. The cannabis demographic is massive and with millions of people worldwide in agreement with legalization the inevitability to promote and market it is very real.

Cannabis Brands

Already within strains we have brands; LA Cheese, GDP, White Widow etc. Yes you might not call them a specific brand but people like Greenhouse Seed Co and others have been branding their strains for decades.

Within Medical marijuana facilities, websites and even bongs we can see branding occur, it’s only a matter of time before the marketing necessities of these brands will require professionals to help them pitch to the right demographics.

Cannabis advertisement has officially stuck its nose in the global market…the future definitely seems greener already!

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