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How to Curb the Rise of Synthetic Marijuana

How to Curb the Rise of Synthetic Marijuana

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 10/08/2013 in Medical Marijuana

Make no mistake, Synthetic Marijuana is most definitely dangerous. Throughout the past few years synthetic versions of cannabis hit the market and since then plenty of people have experienced emergency room visits.

I myself have only twice tried synthetic marijuana but while I experienced my “legal high” there was still something that my body didn’t like. I have also been smoking cannabis for roughly 16 years now and have never experienced a “bad trip” other than eating a bit too many brownies one night. A good night’s sleep that lasted for about 12 hours set me back to my usual routine. My stomach was much better after the brownies batch as well.

What are some of the risks of Synthetic Marijuana?

Pretty much everything that prohibition has ever said about marijuana is slightly true about synthetic marijuana. You do experience paranoia and you can get “hooked” mainly because K2, the active ingredient in synthetic marijuana, is about 5 times stronger than THC. Also you have to understand this stuff is cooked up in a lab, it is not natural at all.

The second time I consumed it I accompanied it with a glass of brandy, which is something I occasionally do with my regular cannabis, however with Synthetic marijuana I had an adverse effect and suddenly felt my heart beat a mile a minute. It took some concentration but eventually I gained the upper hand in the situation and nothing bad happened. But throughout this experience I understood that this stuff is not marijuana, this is more like “drugs”.

The rise of synthetic marijuana

The cause of this rise can directly be correlated to prohibition. Due to the fact that the natural plant, cannabis, is not legal the market still demands their drugs. Synthetic cannabis sprouted as result of harsh cannabis laws and the entire drug war. Legal highs became the alternative to “illegal” ones and as the internet grabbed hold of it, it spread like wildfire. Since then many people have suffered the consequences.

How to curb synthetic marijuana

The only way to get rid of the inferior product is by legalizing the superior. However by now there is a user base that desires synthetic marijuana so it will be around even after marijuana legalization. The only difference would be that more people would opt in for regular marijuana as opposed to spend their money on synthetic crap. The real deal always trumps the imitation.

Final words

If you want to smoke synthetic marijuana it’s okay, which is your decision. I personally did not have a good experience with it and I know of many who share the experience. These people are usually veteran tokers and prefer the real deal. I also know a bunch of young kids that religiously buy it and seem to enjoy it despite what anybody says. All I’m saying is that in order to seize the production of more mind altering substances, it might be time to legalize the ones we have. When you allow people to vent their curiosity, they tend to relax about the issues at hand.

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