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CO’s MMJ Enforcement Division Has More SUVs Than Agents

CO’s MMJ Enforcement Division Has More SUVs Than Agents

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 08/06/2012 in Medical Marijuana Laws

Colorado’s Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division was once seemingly one of the best laid plans of any medical marijuana state, but is now considered to have backfired greatly and is beginning to lead to what lawmakers are referring to as “gross government excess”.

According to investigators in Colorado, the state-organized agency has ended up with more vehicles than it has workers. During the planning stages of this monumental organization, there were definitely some things that were not taken into account, and now as a direct result, the blunder made by the state will end up costing the public taxpayers big-time.

The Colorado Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division was once a promising and well-thought organization that was about to be banking on the collection of huge fees from medical marijuana dispensaries in the state, but now the only thing that is seems to be collecting is mass criticism.

The medical marijuana enforcement staff had signed an eight-year lease for two dozen brand new vehicles, majority of them being 4×4 Chevrolet SUVs which ran the state’s pockets a near $30,000 fee apiece. Requisition forms claim that the SUVs were both critical and vital to the organization so it’s enforcement agents could go off road if need be. What’s even more sickening is the fact that the lease that was signed in order to receive these monster SUVs, cost nearly $750,000. After signing the lease the organization began to see that the agency fees were not rolling in and it wasn’t going to grow anytime soon, so with that being said, they cut the staff from thirty-seven employed agents down to just twelve. Needless to say, expectations were anything close to being fulfilled.

Due to the enforcement division being stacked up with more SUVs than staff, it has now weaved out fifteen of the Chevrolet SUVs to other state agencies that may not really need them but are now stuck with them anyway. A couple of the vehicles were reportedly being send to the Auto Industry Enforcement, two others to gaming, one to the agency that oversees all horse and greyhound racing events, five to the Department of Personnel and lastly, five to the Colorado State Patrol.

Lawmakers across the state are noticing how agencies across the state do not need full-size, gas-guzzling SUVs, and could have benefited from more economically friendly, fuel-efficient cars. One lawmaker specifically even called this situation government excess and a downright waste of the public’s money. This situation brings notice to how more controls are needed on government spending, and without such controls being set in place, things can grow out of proportion rather quickly. 

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