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Controversial Pro Pot Message in California received with mixed feelings

Controversial Pro Pot Message in California received with mixed feelings

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 03/18/2015 in Medical Marijuana News

California is gearing up to legalize marijuana in 2016 and with all likeliness will most probably pass the initiative. Some groups are already making PSAs to help with the movement however; the first one to catch the public eye has sparked some controversy over the presentation of the video.

What does the video entail?

Essentially you have a bunch of tattooed ‘stoners’ blowing smoke in the camera, taking bong hits and talking about the benefits of legalizing marijuana. The purpose is to get people on board to vote for legalization in 2016.

“Bringing back Hash bars” and being allowed to smoke on the beach is some of the motivations behind this video and is aimed at a very specific demographic.

What’s the problem?

While these “stoners” are moving in the right direction, there are some people within the marijuana industry that aren’t too fond of their presentation. Those who run legitimate medical marijuana companies aren’t your run of the mill potheads. Rather, they wear suits and project a professional image surrounding their business.

They want to make sure that people understand that the “pot business” isn’t your typical Cheech and Chong operations and has a place within the world of international commerce. For them, a video like this, while it serves a purpose, could be damaging to the image they have been working on for the past few decades.

A place for everything

Personally, while I am not your ‘typical stoner’ I do see a place for these kinds of videos. Presenting a younger demographic with a boring, corporate type video would not motivate them to take action. Rather, this ‘stoner approach’ appeals to stoners….and that’s okay!

Instead of moaning about the presentation of this specific video, these corporate types should start creating content that appeals to their own demographics. The youth vote is quite massive and to ignore their input would be folly.

Thus, the way I see it, this video can put some people off, but on the other hand, it could motivate a demographic that is highly apathetic to the workings of modern politics. It does serve a purpose and instead of saying, “it’s going to hurt the legalization movement”, those who do not favor the stoner stereotype should begin to create content that appeals to their demographics.

This should be an issue that addresses the wide range of people who support cannabis legalization. If these “stoners” are doing their part…we should give them our support and not criticize their efforts. Only in unity can we overcome this beast known as prohibition.

What’s your take on this video?

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