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Colorado’s Fight against Crime through Legal Cannabis

Colorado’s Fight against Crime through Legal Cannabis

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 01/06/2015 in Medical Marijuana Legalization

Colorado recently passed their one-year marker of legal cannabis sales and with it have generated over 34 million dollars in profits in August alone and $3.4 million dollars of that went to schools, healthcare and much more. In addition, Colorado has seen a 15% reduction in crime post legalization.

Why is Crime Down now that Pot is legal?

Everywhere cannabis is legalized crime drops. Is this merely a coincidence? Of course not! There are many factors that come into play when we talk about crime. Some of the key motivational factors of crime are poverty, unemployment and the black market.

Colorado has seen a 50% decrease in violent crimes which could be linked directly to the black market. Now that cannabis is not on Police radars anymore, this means that more police officers have the ability to focus on true crime prevention. Under the guise of prohibition, pot consumers were considered criminal and there are plenty of consumers in the state of Colorado. This means that cops had to waste valuable resources, time on apprehending and prosecuting non-violent pot smokers. With more time and resources, they can actually work on preventing crime.

Secondly, since legalization the state has seen a lot more revenue. There is more employment, more money to be used on public affairs, which has directly resulted in the reduction of crime in the state.

Killing the Black Market

As mentioned, the black market is an unregulated space within society where violence is law. Drug dealers don’t sue other drug dealers; they kill them, beat them or scare them through violence. While the black market still exists in Colorado, there is no denying that the legal market has significantly reduced the reach of the black market.

Most people prefer to purchase from legal stores, as they don’t have any risk of imprisonment or being persecuted by the law. The same cannot be said for the illegal market. As more dispensaries open, prices will eventually have to drop meaning that the black market will continue to shrink taking with it all the negative side effects of prohibition.

The black market only continues to exist because some people can’t afford to buy in legal shops. This can be remedied by lowering the overall price of cannabis by increasing competition within the legal market. It will take time, but eventually the market prices will stabilize.

A State to Imitate

Colorado is setting an example to other states and since most of the doomsayers were proven wrong, more Americans will jump on the legalization train and will advocate legalizing in order to obtain similar results in their own states. This in turn will affect the national black market of cannabis, which will drown at least one cartel revenue stream. Currently, there has been a 50% reduction in profits for cartel weed. This reduction in terms of dollars is estimated anywhere between $10 billion to $30 Billion USD per year. That’s significant!

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