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CO Amendment 64 Maintains 9 Point Lead

CO Amendment 64 Maintains 9 Point Lead

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 09/19/2012 in Medical Marijuana Legalization

We’re nearly two months away from election day and the positions appear to be hardening and forming a more clear picture in the battle over legalizing marijuana in the state of Colorado. November 5th is the day to vote, so there’s still time to decide whether or not you will vote “yes” or “no” on Amendment 64. As for now, a recent Public Policy Polling survey that was conducted shows Amendment 64, or also known as the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act, maintaining the same nine-point lead that it held last month. Could we be upon the dawn of something wonderful?

As according to the Public Policy Polling results, both the supports and the oppositions poll results have remained completely unchanged. Supporters were at a mere forty-seven percent and oppositions were at a moderate thirty-eight percent. However this does not always mean great news for one side, in theory this is both good and bad news for the legalization campaign. The good side of things is that the initiative remains ahead through the eyes of the public, but the bad is that it has not breached the 50% mark. Undecided voters would have to break four to one against the initiative for it to fail, or if all of them vote yes or no and if the Public Policy Polling or PPP numbers hold up. 

The language of the ballot could easily be lost in translation or somewhat confusing, as noted by the PPP, so it also asks a general question about marijuana legalization for the voter to answer and consider. When that was introduced, that polled slightly higher with forty-nine percent of the voters saying they approve Amendment 64 and forty-three percent saying they did not. The forty-three percent that opposed the legalization of marijuana will likely represent the minimum number of “no” votes in November. However, now the campaign to pass the initiative must maintain it’s nine-point lead and continuing support it currently has but while beginning to pick up a portion of that fifteen percent of the voters who are undecided.

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