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“What about the children” – Whose responsibility is it anyway?

“What about the children” – Whose responsibility is it anyway?

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 12/12/2014 in Medical Marijuana

One of the main reasons that cannabis has not been legalized as of yet is the “what about the children” argument.  This argument suggests that if we were to legalize cannabis for adult use that children would take that as reason to consume the plant.  Prohibitionists claim that this message will increase teen use despite the fact that in places that have either recreational or medical marijuana programs have lower teen use than states with strict marijuana policies.

However, the biggest question we have is “whose responsibility is in any way?”

Are you the parent?

If you have children, do you let the government or government policies to raise them?  Are you teaching your children to blindly follow what the government dictates?  Or do you teach your children your personal values and responsibilities?

To assume that the message of legalization will increase teen use is to say that you as a parent have absolutely no say in the life of your children.  Alcohol is already legal yet many people do not drink.  This same demographic of people are teaching their children to abstain from alcohol as well.  This is because this demographic of people are actually parenting. How they parent is irrelevant.

One cannot leave the wellbeing of one’s children in the hands of the government as that is irresponsible parenting at its best. It is not their responsibility to raise your children. Legalizing cannabis for adult use should have no more weight in influencing your children’s decisions as legal alcohol would.

Take Responsibility for your own Children

If you are responsible for teaching kids about your morals and values why would you fail in the aspect of consumption? Candy is readily available to be purchased at every store however you don’t encourage your kids to stuff their mouths simply because it’s legal now do you?

This is because a parent is supposed to guide a child in the developing phases of their lives to make clear cut choices as an adult. If your child winds up smoking cannabis it isn’t because of peer pressure or the fact that cannabis is legal or not but rather because you failed as a parent to properly educate your child. You failed at teaching your children to discern what is good for them and what isn’t.

We don’t advocate children smoking marijuana. We only advocate medical marijuana for children in need. Under a legal regime you will have the exact same responsibility of educating your children over the consumption of cannabis as you would over the consumption of alcohol and tobacco.

To keep cannabis illegal simply because you don’t have the stones to properly educate your children is a copout and nothing more. All I’m saying is that you need to take responsibility over your children regardless of the laws passed for adults.

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