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Changing the Stigma of Marijuana Consumption

Changing the Stigma of Marijuana Consumption

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 11/18/2015 in Medical Marijuana

One of the most difficult things we as cannabis enthusiasts face is the negative stigma associated with use. For the most part, we are surrounded by like minded individuals who, whether they smoke or not, are acceptant of your consumption habits.

However, there are plenty of people out there that will stare at you with judging eyes, creating fiction about your character within their programmed minds. While the nation is slowly inching towards a more tolerable society in regards to cannabis consumption, our media and social dialogue for the most part is still heavily influenced by this negative stigma.

Headlines and Horror Shows

One of the most obvious instances of negative stigma in relation to cannabis can be observed through the majority of headlines within the news. For the most part, cannabis is either the “culprit” or the “comical punchline” when covered in the mainstream media.

Despite the fact that these days there are a bit more positive association with the term marijuana in the news, the vast majority of stories still contain a negative inclination when reporting on the substance. There is not remotely the same social bias connected to the concept of “beer” and even if a horrific car accident was caused by excessive drinking, the substance in question would hardly be mentioned and the story would focus on the aftermath of the collision.

Cannabis on the other hand becomes the vilified substance that “drove” the person into the wall, killing the “9-month old baby who was dreaming of becoming a ballerina.” It becomes the focal point of the article as the mainstream media understands two things,

  1. Cannabis increases exposure of any topic
  2. Cannabis Activists are vocal about their cause and immediately attack the source with passionate anger.

It is important to note these two occurrences, as understanding their impact within the entire social paradigm of cannabis is of the utmost importance to instigate the correct shift in thinking in relation to marijuana.

Marijuana is a Hot Topic

The first thing we must understand in relation to the stigma of cannabis is that mainstream media knows that it is “click bait”. “Marijuana” within a headline typically insights higher click-throughs due to the fact that it is a social “hot topic”.

Couple this with the fact that sensationalism sells, news agencies use this word to drive in traffic to their sites and keep people watching their channels.

Another reason why cannabis is a “hot topic” is due to the fact that activists are highly tuned into these stories, ready to debate them to hell!

Cannabis Activists and the Proliferation of Hype Topics

There’s a lot of junk online, a lot of articles that have absolutely no substance. At times I read blogs or news articles which makes me wonder whether or not a certified moron was allowed to publish his mental flatulence on a public platform.

From uncited sources to outright lies, these articles are easy to find. However, for the most part I ignore the source, understand the madness and write something that sheds light on the topic of which I post on Marijuana Doctors for others to read.

Many cannabis activists get into heated debates with other moronic supporters of the “reefer madness” achieving a few things.

  1. Wasting their time trying to educate the willfully ignorant
  2. Creating Traffic and Content for the “Reefer Madness” (some people come to read the comments)
  3. In turn, due to activity, relevancy and bounce rates, influences the Google Ranking creating more exposure to the article.

The righteous activism on these pages are indirectly increasing the exposure of the articles itself. Thus I have a suggestion to all those who want to make a change but don’t want to support the content of the prohibitionists.

My advice!

Whenever you come across an article that simply isn’t true or purposefully negative about cannabis, resist the urge to battle in the comment section with idiots. Rather, create content that illustrates the truth about cannabis and refutes the content in question.

You can do this in the form of an article, a meme or even a “one-liner” response to the entire premise of the article. Post that, share that and spread those ideas.


Because prohibitionists create misinformation as part of a strategy to prolong prohibition. By ‘not engaging’ in their content but actually creating content which changes the focus of cannabis to an integral dialogue about the plant, you are actually doing your part in helping spread awareness.

In a much simpler way; Don’t try to “destroy the paradigm of prohibition” but rather focus your efforts on “strengthening the paradigm of legalized cannabis”.

Don’t simply participate in society…begin to engineer it.

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