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Safe Cannabis Consumption Practices for Children


Children Medical

Whenever you say place the word “Cannabis” right next to the word “Children” red flags go up for most people. They think “how can I allow a baby to get high on pot” when in reality they are allowing their minds to be clouded with decades worth of programming. Ever since the medical marijuana world came to be in 1996, plenty of patients under the age of 18 have... Read more

San Diego California: DEA Prosecutes Elderly Medical Cannabis Patients for 27 Plants


Medical Marijuana Patient

California state law declares that medical marijuana patients are permitted to cultivate as many cannabis plants as is medically necessary to sustain adequate medicinal treatment. Dennis and Deborah Little, two elderly medical marijuana patients in their 60’s believed they were following state guidelines. After all, they both suffer from debilitating and chronic illnesses and are medical... Read more

Help Me Find My Smile: Alex Echols, Autism & Medical Cannabis


Alex Echols

Young Boy Administered Medical Cannabis to Help with Autistic Rage and Seizures The story of Alex Echols, a 12 year old boy diagnosed with Tuberous Sclerosis has been circulating the headlines this past week. Alex is one of 50 children in Oregon Medical Marijuana program that is administered medical cannabis for a qualified condition. Tuberous Sclerosis is a rare genetic disorder that causes the... Read more

Cedars-Sinai Denies Transplant to MMJ Patient For Second Time


For the second time in the past year, Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai Hospital has denied a life-saving organ transplant to a patient because of their past medical marijuana use. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center removed Toni Trujillo, a qualified medical marijuana patient, from it's kidney transplant list earlier this year because of her medical marijuana use. Toni Trujillo suffered from kidney problems... Read more

Medical Marijuana Patient is Denied Organ Transplant


In a sad example of government propaganda has twisted entire institutions in American society, doctors in hospitals across the country actually punish the most desperate of patients for turning to medical marijuana. Norman Smith, a 63-year old man who is suffering from an inoperable cancer, was removed from the transplant list for the liver that he needs to live simply for being a legal... Read more

Survey: Patients Use Marijuana as a Substitute for Prescription Drugs


nytimes wo rx weed 300px.95214706

Medical marijuana has long been used as an alternative medicine to typical pharmaceutical drugs, which often carry unpleasant side effects and honestly sometimes just don’t work. This phenomenon is so prevalent in marijuana states such as California that it’s gathered the attention of a notable independent news publication for internal medicine specialists. Internal Medicine News... Read more

Medical Marijuana And Lung Cancer


mj is med 3003 80x80

  While logic would seem to prove that smoking anything would be bad for your lungs, most people are surprised to hear the truth about smoking marijuana. That said, we do recommend that the best way to medicate is by using a vaporizer. But recent research has shown that there is absolutely no connection between cancer and smoking marijuana. A 2006 study conducted by the University of... Read more

Moving Marijuana Testimonial


"My beautiful late wife Janet suffered from multiple sclerosis, was given expensive synthetics , morphine etc , when i met her at a peyote healing circle I took her under my wing ansd asked her to disregard the lies that the govt, had spoon fed us for so long and to try weed. That next doctor visit her doctor said " "you look better than you have in 5 years , whatever your... Read more

Cannabis Oil Cures Toddler’s Cancer


The New York Daily News reported today that a dad in Montana helped cure his 2-year-old son's massive brain tumor with cannabis oil. Mike Hyde, 27, watched helplessly as his son Cash suffered after aggressive chemotherapy treatments. The boy stopped eating for 40 days. He threw up 10 times a day. And on top of that, he suffered septic shock, a stroke and internal hemorrhaging. Hyde was a... Read more

Medical Marijuana: A Deaf Person’s Perspective


Medical marijuana patients come from all walks of life, all ages, backgrounds, and genders. And it works just as well for the hearing as it does for the Deaf. We recently had a hard of hearing woman from Florida reach out and share her thoughts on medical cannabis, and we wanted to share it with you: ____________________________ “My name is Madeline. I am hard of hearing and I support... Read more