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Medical Marijuana News

New Jersey Introduce Measure To Let Children Have Potential Access to MMJ


On Thursday, a Union County Senator introduced a measure that would make it easier for debilitating and seriously ill children to qualify for the New Jersey medical marijuana program. This proposed measure comes as there is a debate across the nation in an attempt to determine whether or not children should be able to find relief in CBD-rich marijuana strains that are low in the psychoactive... Read more

Ohio Legislators Want Medical Marijuana


Recently, a new piece of legislation was brought before a key Ohio legislature that would allow for the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. The measure, entitled House Bill 153, was introduced to the Ohio House of Representatives on May 2nd. House Bill 153 was introduced before state legislators the same day as Joint Resolution 6 was brought forth. Joint Resolution 6 is a measure that seeks... Read more

New Jersey Man Arrested After Calling Help for Dying Wife


Here’s a story that is unbelievably ridiculous. Darren Kent, age 52 found his wife Donna Kent, age 56 unresponsive in their Rockaway Township home and immediately called for help. When authorities arrived, they claimed to have smelled marijuana. Police subsequently obtained a search warrant for the home and discovered more than 30 plants inside the Kent residence. Donna Kent was... Read more

Illinois Fights Marijuana Stigma and Pushes to Become a Medical State


Back in 1976, the idea that marijuana could be used as an alternative treatment method by patients who are suffering, was generally taken as a laughable statement. It was considered laughable until a glaucoma patient by the name of Robert Randall won a court case that ruled he needed marijuana to keep from going blind. This court case single-handedly started a movement that is beginning to make... Read more

New Hampshire: Medical Marijuana Bill Receives Another Chance in Senate


The New Hampshire State Legislature is considering a proposed medical marijuana measure that would allow people who possess a chronic, serious or debilitating illness to access marijuana as an alternative treatment option. The recently consideration of this measure comes for the fourth time in the last six years, and hopefully gains more ground now that it has in past legislative sessions. Read... Read more

Proposed Oregon Amendment Would Require Renewal of Medical Marijuana Card Every 60 Days


If law makers in the state of Oregon have their way, medical marijuana patients may have to make more frequent trips to a physician to renew their medical marijuana card. With the introduction of two bills to the state's Senate Judiciary Committee, patients are now exposed to the possibility of having to renew their card every sixty days instead of the state-outlined annual renewal. Oregon's... Read more

Oregon Medical Marijuana Patient Sues Medford for Wrongful Conviction


Joshua Brewer is a medical marijuana cardholder who was wrongfully convicted of possession and manufacture of cannabis. In an effort to right the wrongs, he has filed a multimillion-dollar federal lawsuit against the city of Medford Oregon, Medford Mayor Gary Wheeler, and the Medford Police Department for claiming civil rights and malicious prosecution. Among members of the Department being sued... Read more

Maryland Medical Marijuana Bill Passes House


Medical Marijuana House Bill 1101 gained approval from the Maryland House of Delegates last week, where the bill now heads to the Senate. House Bill 1101 is a medicinal marijuana bill that would make cannabis legally available through academic medical research centers only. Supporters and legislative members expect the bill to pass the Senate, where it will then go to Governor O’Malley for... Read more

Ypsilanti, MI Set to Approve Second Medical Cannabis Grow Facility


Today marks the forthcoming of a brand new medical marijuana grow facility opening up this year in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Although this doesn't mark a historic feat as the first grow facility opened up some time ago, this will be the second medical marijuana grow facility to operate in the city. The Ypsilanti Planning Commission unanimously approved a special use permit for the facility to set up... Read more

Our Nation's Capital Set to Open First Medical Marijuana Dispensary


Capital City Care, the District of Columbia's first medical marijuana dispensary is finally ready to set up shop and start operating. Security cameras have been installed, all scales for medicine have been calibrated to the right specifications, and the windows don signs that declare "no returns." It appears that it's about time for Washington D.C. to welcome it's first canna-business into the... Read more