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Medical Marijuana Laws

The Problem with Pot Shops Not Being Able to Take Credit Cards


Each month, Elliott Lug or one of his business partners takes a stroll into the Colorado Revenue Department with a bag full of thousands of dollars. Depending who brings the money that day, they watch on as state employees start counting the stacks and stacks of money. Elliott Klug is the co-founder of PinkHouse Blooms LLC, comprised of a chain of five medical marijuana dispensaries that are... Read more

California Supreme Court Violates Patient Rights


On Monday, the California State Supreme Court ruled in unanimous fashion that cities and counties can ban medical marijuana dispensaries within their respective borders. With this ruling coming down like an iron fist, it has become a decision that could make medical marijuana distributors in the state go up in smoke. This decision comes after a long debate between state legislators and advocates... Read more

New York: Medical Marijuana Debate Heats up with New Bill


An ongoing debate over a proposed pot measure to legalize marijuana use for specified illnesses is finally beginning to heat up this week in the New York legislation. Proponents are showing signs of great optimism by stating that they firmly believe for the first time, this measure has a chance to pass in both chambers of the state's legislation. This renewed push to make marijuana legal for... Read more

New Bill Aims to Reschedule Cannabis Drug Classification, Awaits Federal Word


In a surprising move, a bipartisan, liberal-libertarian coalition in Congress is supporting legislation that would amend the federal Controlled Substances Act so that anyone acting within compliance of a state's medical marijuana legalization regulations or medical marijuana bylaws would be considered immune from federal criminal prosecution. This comes to fruition after a long debate over... Read more

Maryland MMJ Measure Headed to Governor O’Malley’s Desk


In an exceptional turn of events on Monday, the Maryland General Assembly approved a legislative measure that would allow medical marijuana programs to begin functioning at research centers that choose to participate. Although no current hospitals or medical health facilities have signed up to begin research and extensive studies, there are a couple that have inquired and have shown an immense... Read more

Colorado: New Audit Reveals How Bureaucracy is Damaging Medical Marijuana Program


Auditors sponsored by the state exposed in an absolutely smoldering report released on Tuesday that Colorado's medical marijuana regulations are so badly enforced that they are in need of a dramatic and substantial overhaul. The audit detailed and outlined the seemingly directionless scheme to regulate marijuana, one that has not lived up to its expectations and has not delivered the type of... Read more

Los Angeles: Dueling Medical Pot Measures Cause Confusion


On Wednesday, a Superior Court Judge of California ruled that ballot disputes for two opposing medical marijuana measures in Los Angeles do not violate any state bylaws and should stay as originally written in Los Angeles' official voter guide. Attorneys representing both sides of the measures had accused the other of violating the city's election code. Proposition D, backed by the Los Angeles... Read more

Massachusetts: New Ruling says Cities Can't Ban Marijuana Dispensaries


Early last Wednesday, Massachusetts State Attorney General Martha Coakley, ruled that cities and towns in Massachusetts cannot ban medical marijuana dispensaries due to this action being considered incompatible with state law. The only stipulation being that municipalities can use zoning codes and regulations as the only way to keep medical marijuana dispensaries contained within a certain area.... Read more

New York State Anti Marijuana Politician Arrested for Possession


Notorious medical marijuana-opponent, New York State Assemblyman Stephen Katz,  was arrested and charged with possession of what was deemed a "small bag of marijuana" after getting pulled over at a police traffic checkpoint on the New York State Thruway early Friday morning. Initially the assemblyman was stopped due to a speeding infraction, which would only lead to more problems after the... Read more

Sugar: America’s Most Abused Drug of Choice


Can Sugar Really Be Considered the First Gateway Drug? A drug is defined as “any absorbed substance that changes or enhances any physical or psychological function in the body.” Sugar causes a euphoric effect that triggers the hypothalamus to release dopamine, the chemical that controls pleasure in the brain. Fructose (the molecule that makes sugar sweet) lights up reward the center... Read more