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Medical Marijuana Laws

Sheriff Urges us to Reevaluate State and Federal Marijuana Issues


King County, Washington Sheriff John Urquhart, in a Senate Judiciary Committee just under two weeks ago, gave a testimony extensively speaking about the failed war on drugs and the solutions our country could reach if only we opened our eyes. As Sheriff, he shared, that he has been elected the top law enforcement official within the largest jurisdiction of a country that has, partially,... Read more

Cannabis Conundrum Brings Tragedy to Loving Parents


What kind of world do we live in when selfless, loving parents are robbed of their children for legally growing and obtaining their medicine? What kind of peril do we face when our own flesh and blood are taken from under us under the pretense that unfit parents are the ones providing herbal medicine to patients in need? For adoring parents Steve and Maria Green, their whole world came crashing... Read more

State Legislation is Behind the Curve


“My mind is what I am,“ said patient John of the neuropathic pain that he’s been forced to live with for the past nine years. “When I can’t think clearly, I’m crippled.” John (not his real name), had tried acupuncture, pressure braces for his foot, anti-inflammatory spinal injections, an inversion table and a laundry list of potent opiates to try to ease... Read more

Senate Hearing Calls for Radical Shift in Nation's Marijuana Policy


Last month, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced in a meeting that federal law enforcers are to no longer interfere with states policies regarding medical marijuana programs, or full-on legalization. The meeting that took place yesterday was one requested and led by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt) and was prompted by Colorado and Washington’s most... Read more

Golden State's Attempt to Amend 1996 Medical Marijuana Bill


This week, California lawmakers are attempting to end the two year-long federal crackdown on state run medical marijuana businesses. The newly ameliorated bill was inspired by a recent White House memo allowing both Colorado and Washington State to regulate and tax legal marijuana. Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco) promptly worked to amend the AB 604 bill this past Friday in hopes of... Read more

Hearing Proposed to Bridge the Gap between State and Federal Marijuana Laws


Just yesterday, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt) announced his plans to address the grey area between state and federal marijuana laws in an upcoming meeting next month. His mentioned intent is to protect the 20 legalized states and the District of Columbia from federal criminal penalties. Currently, state and federal laws regarding marijuana are in direct... Read more

Californian Property Subject to Seizure for Legal Dispensary


The great divide between state and federal law keeps on getting greater as Californian property owner Tony Jalali is facing a federal government attempt to seize his 1.5 million dollar two-story commercial building comprised of 12 office spaces which he rents out to individuals. Twice, Jalali rented out one of his office spaces to medical marijuana dispensaries, under the pretense that it was... Read more

DEA Forbides Armored Car Companies From Transporting Cash from Cannabis Dispensaries


Though 20 states and DC have legalized medical marijuana for medicinal use, the Drug Enforcement Administration has ordered all security and armored vehicle companies to stop servicing legal medical marijuana dispensaries. A press release from the group Law Enforcement Against Prohibition first broke the story by announcing that DEA officials are forbidding armored truck companies from... Read more

New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program Rears Its Ugly Head


For New Jersey medical marijuana patients, prohibition 420 is still in full effect. The recently implemented garden state medical marijuana program has left patients longing for greener pastures, and has made legally obtaining medical marijuana anything if an absolute nightmare. In Governor Christie’s failed feeble attempts to keep marijuana out of the “wrong hands,” he’s... Read more

Recreational Marijuana Restrictions for Colorado


For those ecstatic over the highly anticipated newly implemented recreational marijuana laws in Colorado, state legislature urges its citizens and onlookers alike to pump the brakes before booking it to their nearest caregivers and dispensaries. Though recreational marijuana retail sales don’t begin in Colorado until the first of the year, state legislature has had no qualms with releasing... Read more