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Medical Marijuana Laws

Underway, A Greener Nation Courtesy of Election Day


Yesterday, citizens around the country voted for not only local politicians, but state proposals such as minimum wage increases, mandatory GMO labeling and school budget redistribution. Several notable states, however, are making major headlines in the cannabis community for their majority voted contributions in the right direction toward safe access to marijuana. “Question 1” was... Read more

Debunking the Stigma Attached to Marijuana


In ancient Greece, slaves, criminals and traitors alike were branded by scorching hot irons to create a visible scar known as a stigma. The mark served as a reminder that the very identities of these individuals were morally corrupt in nature. This stigma worked as a permanent indication to all those who publically viewed it, acknowledging that those who bore it did so with shame and disgrace.... Read more

Minnesota Progressively Pending Legislature for Legalization


Prompted by recent Gallup polls revealing a staggering 58% of Americans stand in favor of legalization, medical marijuana advocates are pushing state lawmakers to put pending plans into action by legalizing the use of medical marijuana within the next year for people in need of alternative medicine. Director of Minnesotans for Compassionate Care, Heather Azzi, said, “We have patients who... Read more

There's No Place Like Home - Baby Bree Back in Loving Arms


It is with utmost pleasure that I am finally able to announce that this past Friday, in a truly triumphant reunion, 8-month old baby Bree Green was returned home safe and sound to her loving parents, Steve and Maria Green after a six week long battle with Michigan’s Department of Human Services. Standing just outside the courtroom surrounded by medical marijuana activists donning green... Read more

A shift in Federal Priorities in terms of Marijuana Enforcement


Holder announced that they would not go after legal marijuana states as long as they have “strict guidelines”. This is a major victory “on paper” but as we have seen with the Holder way of doing things is that they would say something publically while busting down a dispensary or a few hundred in legal states. Holder also spoke about reforming the sentencing for low level... Read more

Nation's Capital Coming up Short for Medical Marijuana Program


Since our nation’s capital opened its first city dispensary for business back in July, a remarkably low 59 patients have registered for the state-regulated medical marijuana program. Officials from the District’s Department of Health were expecting to be inundated with prospective patients, but were met instead with a surprisingly small-scale turnout. “We were prepared to see... Read more

Silver-Haired Legislature Wants Relaxed Marijuana Laws


In Charleston, West Virginia, a group of over-60 pseudo-legislators that make up The Silver-Haired Legislature, had position papers approved this past Friday supporting more laid back marijuana laws and stricter state methamphetamine restrictions. The group has proposed regulating, legalizing and taxing marijuana after spending three days in Charleston at the state Capital. In addition, they... Read more

Dispensary District Zoning in California Severely Restricted


Picture, for a moment, your hometown and nearby cities stripped entirely of their corner stores, local pharmacies, drug stores, what have you. Now, imagine if you can, being sick and unable to provide your own transportation. If you’re lucky enough to not have to rely on these services to stay in day-to-day good health, you may never have to live with this nightmare turned reality. If you... Read more

Cannabis over Chemotherapy


Three year old Landon Riddle was diagnosed with T Cell Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia back in 2012. His medical diagnosis called for simultaneous rounds of chemotherapy and steroid treatments just one month later, and the negative side effects far outweighed the benefits. Throughout the course of his treatment, Landon suffered from neuropathy, an irreversibly nerve-damaging condition, from his... Read more

Financial Woes in Washington’s Marijuana Program Remain Unanswered


Washington State licensed marijuana businesses seeking a legitimate banking service may have been presented with one more piece of the puzzle in a recent announcement; however, the primary question at hand has yet to be answered. In a 7-year contract with the state, Bank of America has served as the primary bank to the state’s treasury. Although their contract is due to run out June 30th,... Read more