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Medical Marijuana Laws

Compassionate Care Act Bill Proposed to Legalize Medical Marijuana in New York


Just last Wednesday, dozens of advocates gathered together from all over the Northeast for a public hearing on the legalization of medicinal marijuana held by the chairman of the New York State Assembly Health committee. Among the attendees were patients and caregivers of those suffering from debilitating medical conditions, healthcare professionals, social workers and board members of various... Read more

New York Marijuana Legislation Proposed for Recreational Use


All are in agreement that it is high time the widely liberal state of New York got on board with marijuana legalization. With twenty states and the District of Columbia having medical marijuana laws already in place, and Colorado and Washington recently legalizing marijuana for recreational usage - shifting policies are sweeping the nation. Just two days ago, State Senator Liz Krueger along with... Read more

Tear-Jerking Testimonials Pull on New York State Legislator's Heartstrings


Just last week in Buffalo, New York, two dozen speakers were asked to testify on behalf of the medicinal benefits of marijuana for a hearing of the New York State Assembly Health Committee. Around 100 citizens attended the public hearing, while two local families presented their case to state lawmakers in hopes of making New York the next state to legalize medicinal marijuana. Among the speakers... Read more

Women's Christian Temperance Movement Taking on Prohibition 4.20


The Woman's Christian Temperance Union has had a longstanding history of opposing alcohol, drugs and even casual sex. Though medical marijuana has been legal since 1999 in Maine, recently, Portland made history when it became the first East Coast city to approve recreational marijuana. In a city which had its roots in prohibition, the WCTU is aiming to bring Maine's legalization and progress back... Read more

Medical Refugees in Colorado Forming New Bonds


Increasingly, families from around the country are making the move out to Colorado in hopes of saving their children's lives. These families are arriving in Colorado years after a medical marijuana program has been established, and right in the midst of a recreational marijuana movement, since its vote last year. This year, for the first time, medical refugees came together for a bountiful... Read more

Governor Christie says legalization will not happen on his watch, ever.


Chris Christie has recently said in a press conference that he is officially done with expanding New Jersey’s medical marijuana program any further. The rather harsh statement came only several days after the latest bill for the program was proposed. Under the bill introduced in the state Assembly,registered medical marijuana patients in the state of New Jersey would be permitted to... Read more

Empire State to Hold Much Anticipated Hearings for Medical Marijuana


Next month in Buffalo and Mineola, New York Democratic lawmakers are planning to hold public hearings regarding the legalization of medical marijuana for certain debilitating condtions. The hearings are scheduled to take place on Thursday, December 5, 2013 at 10 a.m. in both locations. As it currently stands, twenty states and the District of Columba have enacted some form of legalization for... Read more

Colorado Cannabis Raids May Have Been Forewarned


Just last week, federal authorities raided a plethora of marijuana dispensaries throughout the state of Colorado. The Drug Enforcement Administration, Internal Revenue Criminal Investigations, Denver Police Department and local as well as state law enforcement worked in tandem Thursday to confiscate cannabis plants, cannabis-infused drinks, cannabis edibles and various other goods and... Read more

West Virginia Drafts Medical Marijuana Bill


Details regarding a written proposal to legalize medical marijuana in West Virginia have surfaced as a result of the first public discussion had by the West Virginia Legislature Joint Committee on Health this Wednesday. The legislation, if passed, would work to grant those with debilitating illnesses safe access to doctor-recommended medical marijuana. The Joint Heath Committee was informed... Read more

Pending Legislature, Pharmaceutical-Grade Marijuana for Lansing Residents


The city of Lansing, Michigan has gained a notable amount of newsworthy attention among the medical cannabis community in recent months. We sympathized with Steve and Maria Green as they suffered through a six week custody battle to have their daughter, Bree, back in their loving arms. We watched as this past Election Day, proposals offering legal protection to citizens with up to an ounce of... Read more