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Asking Prohibitionists the Right Questions Part 3


primitive man2 e1394477198809

Welcome back to another installment of “Asking Prohibitionists”, a segment dedicated to asking the right questions on the sustainability and effectiveness of prohibitionists. The prohibition rhetoric is flawed in so many ways, by asking the right questions you allow the Prohibitionist to wonder on the validity of their own arguments. Sometimes you don’t need to win an argument;... Read more

State medical marijuana law does not protect your property


cannabis real estate laws

Cautionary warning to all medical marijuana states - State marijuana law does not protect your property! Because Federal law overrides any State laws, landlords and property managers in legal states will most likely not feel safe allowing tenants to smoke on the premises, said Megan Booth, NAR Senior Policy Representative, during the “Medical Marijuana and R.E.” session at the... Read more

Another Win for The "Medical Marijuana Doctor"


marijuana doctor lawsuit

The Appeals court has vacated one of two convictions, against a former doctor, related to the sale of medical marijuana certifications. Last Thursday, the appeals panel reversed the conviction of Lois Butler-Jackson for committing a legal act in an illegal manner, in an unprecedented 2-1 decision. The court ruled that Butler-Jackson never should have been convicted because the applicable part of... Read more

Connecticut Medical Marijuana Program Set To Expand Conditions


Connecticut Marijuana Program

The State of Connecticut is in the process of reviewing four additional disorders that could be treated with medical marijuana. A public hearing will be held at The Department of Consumer Protection - at the state Capitol, Room 126, in Hartford - before its board of physicians, on November 26th at 08h30. “The statute says that any member of the public can file a petition with the board of... Read more

Canada Starts To Tax Cannabis Like Tylenol


Canada gets Cannabis Tax

In Canada the Tax Court Justice, Campbell Miller, recently ruled that marijuana will be subject to federal Goods and Services Tax (GST), just like Tylenol, flu remedies, cough syrup, and other over-the-counter medications. The ruling confirms that Canadian government’s intention to legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana. Recent legislative changes have created a budding medical marijuana... Read more

Washington D.C. Ends Marijuana Prohibition!


marijuana in dc

On Tuesday this week, voters in D.C. passed Initiative 71, a marijuana ballot initiative allowing for recreational use and possession of cannabis in the nation’s capital. However, the initiative could still go up in smoke, if Congress overrules the referendum. Congress could possibly respond to this initiative by passing a resolution overruling the initiative outright. Or they could... Read more

Florida's Medical Marijuana Vote Loses by Only 2%


florida medical marijuana program

Yesterday, voters in Florida rejected a measure that would have given patients in the Sunshine State, access to medical marijuana. The measure would have legalized medical marijuana and its use, and would have been regulated by the state's Department of Health. But because the measure would have altered the states constitution, supporters needed to get at least 60% of the... Read more

New Marijuana Song Hits The Weed Market


Ellen Bukstel Who's The Pusher Now

I recently heard the new Ellen Bukstel song called “Who’s the pusher now”.  A remarkable artistic demonstration that is, powerfully honest and brutally truthful, calling for the government to take a bow and admit that they are indeed the biggest drug pushers of all, getting us hooked on legal drugs while conveniently overlooking their subsequent overdose deaths. The... Read more

Marijuana Insurance Programs Hit an Obstacle


Medical Marijuana

With the increasing use of medical marijuana, in both legal and non legal capacities, a lot of questions are being raised and many are starting to wonder if, or when, health plans will begin covering medical marijuana in the states where it has been legalized.  Unfortunately insurers still have a number of obstacles to overcome before they will even be in a position to consider the idea... Read more

Marijuana for Nicotine Withdrawals


marijuana and nicotine

For those of us who have had to suffer from nicotine addiction, we know that withdrawal is a living hell. While you smoke cigarettes, you don’t realize how addicted you truly are. I guess the “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone” applies in this situation as well: You don’t know how addicted you are until your drug is gone. Symptoms of Nicotine... Read more