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Medical Marijuana Laws

Cannabis History and Religious Contexts: The People Have Smoken


Far predating the establishment of the United States of America, or Christianity at all – cannabis use has been deeply embedded in spiritual and religious historical texts around the globe. Religious history of marijuana used for medical purposes. Unanimously, marijuana has deep historic roots in being the almighty revealer of truth. Cannabis use for religious purposes dates back to around... Read more

Medical Marijuana in Georgia? State Representative Takes First Step Towards Legalizing Medical Marijuana in the Peach State, Faces Obstacles


Earlier this month state representative Allen Peake – a Republican out of Macon – introduced a medical marijuana bill that called for the state of Georgia legalizing a non-psychoactive strain of medical marijuana for patients who have been diagnosed with severe seizure disorders. As the beginning of February – the year's shortest month – begins to slowly fade away, our... Read more

Michigan Medical Marijuana Update: Supreme Court Overturns Localized Marijuana Ordinances, Medical Use Allowed


With landmark rulings occurring across the country, it seems as if the growing acceptance of cannabis is one that cannot be stopped. With momentum flourishing throughout the East Coast and only beginning to stir in the Deep South, our eyes have now turned to the Midwestern United States. Just yesterday, Michigan lawmakers ruled that local officials in the Wolverine State are not permitted to ban... Read more

Reefer Gladness: Has the Media Finally Gone Green?


The recent surge of marijuana in mainstream television truly begs the question – has the media gone green? There’s been a growing trend of pot portrayal within the televised media as of late and we’re going to dissect its message a little further. An increasing acceptance of cannabis has been substantially permeating the media recently. So much so, in fact, that I’m going... Read more

Medical Marijuana in Alabama Next? AL Senate Committee Approves Marijuana Bill


In what appears to be yet another historical milestone towards ending the prohibition of medical marijuana, this time we're diving down into the deep depths of the American South. I'm talking the Heart of Dixie, Sweet Home Alabama. Lawmakers took a huge step in one of the nation's most conservative states, as the Alabama Senate committee approved a bill that allows for the possession of... Read more

New Amendment Places Great Hemphasis on Legalizing the Miracle Crop


Just this past Wednesday, the House of Representatives approved a national farms bill by way of surprisingly, bipartisan means. The rather lengthy, two-year overdue 959 page farm bill will essentially work to stand behind 16 million jobs within the agriculture industry, singling it out as the only money-saving bipartisan bill to effectively pass through Congress in recent years. The farm bill... Read more

Empire State Medical Marijuana Program Faces Potential Inconsistencies


Since Cuomo's recent State of the State announcement to enact a medical marijuana program in New York on January 8th, ten hospitals have expressed interest in becoming part of the newly proposed plan. Under the plan, up to 20 hospitals would be given permission, by state athorities to use medical marijuana as a form of treatment and research for patients suffering from a short list of qualifiying... Read more

Constitutional Rights Compromised in the Name of Medical Marijuana


Under recently proposed legislation in Illinois, citizens whose conditions qualify for medical marijuana recommendations would have to forfeit their gun ownership rights. The proposal outlined would require hopeful patients to pay $150 a year and comply with a background check. This four year pilot program may just have some of the harshest policies in the nation. Melaney Arnold, a spokesperson... Read more

Hospitals Unlikely to Oblige Governor's Request to Distribute Medical Marijuana


This afternoon, in his State of the State address, Governor Andrew Cuomo brought up his plans for the forseeable future of the state of New York. He spoke extensively about the state's fiscal responsibilities and the pre-emptive protective actions which must take place this year to ensure the utmost safety of its citizens. He introduced plans to establish a new kind of college, specializing... Read more

What Does Legalized Medical Marijuana Mean for NYS Patients in Need?


In a large scale New York Department of Health study conducted in 1990, researchers sought to address the question of just how effective cannabidiol drug delivery systems were in preventing chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomitting in patients who otherwise failed to respond to other anti-emetic therapy treatments. The impetus driving these studies came from certain state legislatures responses... Read more