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Hawaii Getting Ready To Say Aloha To Medical Marijuana Dispensaries


Hawaii Dispensaries

The Hawaii medical marijuana task force is in the process of currently finalizing its report pertaining to medical marijuana dispensaries for the State. But according to recent reports Hawaii could get ready to say 'Aloha' to medical marijuana dispensaries as early as January 2017. On its website, the Hawaii medical marijuana task force says that the the group will make its report... Read more

Marijuana Gives Birth To New Generation Of Lawyers


marijuana lawyers

As a blossoming economy begins to emerge from the new marijuana market, entrepreneurs and activists are diving head first into the unchartered waters. And just like in the ocean, when a group of fish school together, its only a matter of time before the sharks start circling around. Likewise law schools are gearing up to breed a new generation of lawyers that will be trained to tackle this... Read more

Maine Caregivers To Now Issue Patient ID Cards


maine marijuana ccaregivers

State officials recently announced that medical marijuana patients in Maine will no longer be issued their patient ID cards by the state. Instead the state now mandates that all patient ID cards are to be issued by medical marijuana providers. Officials say that the changes to the Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Program are to increase security for patients and deter fraud. Moving forward,... Read more

Congress Just Officially Ended Federal Ban On Medical Marijuana


federal ban on mariijuana

The recent passing of the contentious $1.1Trillion spending bill that will not only keep the US government from down, also cracked down on the Washington DC referendum that legalized recreational marijuana, while quietly yet effectively lifting the federal ban on medical marijuana. In the details of the 1,603-page document, a provision prohibits federal agents from raiding retail medical... Read more

At Last, NY Releases First Rules For Medical Marijuana


new york marijuana program regulations

The State of New York recently released its first proposed regulations for a medical marijuana program that is on track to start treating patients in 1 year's time. According to the rules, licenses to grow and distribute will cost approximately $200K. While bud, leaf, and edible products are not likely to be permitted, the state is also still tight-lipped on locations and pricing of the... Read more

Why Society isn’t Tolerating Anti-Pot commentary


anti pot

Recently the Twitter-verse exploded over the suggestive negative cannabis comment by Don Lemon who reported on the Ferguson riots by adding in a comment “Obviously, there’s a smell of marijuana in the air”. Some people fail to see the outrage of those who responded to his inappropriate commentary. There is depth to the backlash and one must understand the media’s... Read more

Its Official, Audit Justifies Hawaii Medical Marijuana Dispensaries


Hawaii Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Open

Its official, lawmakers in Hawaii are pushing ahead on bills that will allow for medical marijuana dispensaries, following last weeks release of an audit that showed flaws in the existing law justified a better approach for patients to access their medication. In the report dated December 2014, acting state auditor, Jan K. Yamanei said, “Because the sale of marijuana is illegal under... Read more

Studies Show Vets Convinced of Cannabis, Docs Still Dazed and Confused


Vets Convinced of Cannabis

According to research, a group of 31 veterans in a Florida substance abuse program believe that marijuana should be legalized, although a group of physicians said they were not yet convinced of marijuanas medical benefit. Among the veterans who took parting in the in-person interviews, 24 of them, roughly 77%, believed marijuana used to be of low risk, said MD, of Yale University School of... Read more

Cannabis Advocate Defies Law and Opens Marijuana Store in Allston


medical marijuana activist

Bill Downing is a defiant medical marijuana activist who operates CBD Please, in the Boston neighborhood of Allston. Downing operates his Lincoln Street location to sell medical marijuana that is made from hemp oil, and says that he doesn't care whether it is legal or not. Downing was previously forced to shut down his operation by the Department of Public Health. And when speaking to WBZ News... Read more

Arizona Medical Marijuana Program Becomes More Strict


arizona marijuana program

A recent ruling by the Arizona Court of Appeals, now protects physicians from being criminally charged for failing to review a years worth of medical record of patients applying for the medical marijuana program. The decision further supports the dismissal of forgery and fraud charges against Phoenix naturopath, Dr. Robert Gear, who was charged in Navajo County after signing a medical marijuana... Read more