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Medical Marijuana Laws

Maryland Medical Marijuana Program Revised to Radically Expand On June First


Broadly criticized as a political flop, Maryland's medical marijuana program has drawn a fair amount of criticism from advocates, political affiliates and laymen around the country since its initial passage. While the same could easily be said about New York's extremely narrow, recently approved partial medical marijuana program, Maryland lawmakers have finally taken a step in the right direction... Read more

Forming a Fully Comprehensive Cannabis Program: Reinventing the Compassionate Care Act


In 1996 California established the Compassionate Use Act, the first medical marijuana program in the nation. Under Proposition 215, patients with the discretionary recommendation of doctors and designated caregivers could work in unison to cultivate and use medical marijuana for personal use. There was a strong opposition campaign, however, led by law enforcement, elected officials and drug... Read more

Monsanto, Obama and Genetically Modified Marijuana: An Inconvenient Truth


The number of specially cultivated strains is almost incalculable, as are the reasons for their cultivation. There’s been an enormous amount of emphasis placed on strains such as “Charlotte’s Web,” grown with an intentionally high CBD count, and lowered THC count for children suffering from seizure disorders. Each strain is incredibly unique in that no two strains have the... Read more

Utah Makes First-of-its-kind Decision on Medical Marijuana Ruling


Parents of children with severe epilepsy are cheering a new state law in Utah that will allow them to obtain a cannabis extract that substantially helps regulate seizures. While similar forms of marijuana legislation have sprouted up across the nation – namely in the Deep South – there remains a perilous path that must be taken in order to help these children achieve wellness once... Read more

Michigan Gives O-K For PTSD To Qualify For Medical Marijuana, Health Director Reluctantly Approves


For the first time since its initial voter approval in 2008, the state of Michigan will now be expanding its medical marijuana program to include a brand new condition. Considered an exceptional victory for residents in the Great Lakes State, patients who are suffering from post-traumatic stress (PTSD) disorder will now be able to qualify for medical marijuana as an alternative... Read more

Cannabis Industry Gaining Unanticipated Conservative Allies


At a recent Las Vegas symposium, Arcview, an investing firm focusing on the trends within the burgeoning marijuana industry asked those backing the ballot’s initiative to seek out 150 financial tycoons. Ten minutes later, Arcview had raised $150,000. Chief Executive Troy Dayton has estimated that within a year, Arcview will spend close to $500,000 on the marijuana industry alone. “A... Read more

Michigan Becomes One Step Closer To Allowing PTSD To Become Qualifying Condition


When an individual becomes enlisted in the United States military, it becomes a defining moment in their life. Right off the bat, the comrades alongside you will become your sisters and your brothers – a bond that most people will never understand. However, servicing your country has its fair share of sacrifices that one must make; sacrifices that are both unforgettable and potentially... Read more

The Reality Behind Medical Marijuana, Drug Testing and Legalities in the Workplace


Residents of Illinois are facing the potential risk of jeopardizing their jobs for legally obtaining their medicinal marijuana. Unfortunately, although the law enacted on the first of the ear protects patients from being subject to arrest or immediate prosecution for using their medicine, employers with previously implemented anti-drug policies may lawfully prosecute or even fire employees for... Read more

U.S. Treasury Green Lights Marijuana Businesses to Work With Banks


This past weekend, the Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network executed new guidelines under the Obama administration for banks to follow regarding the providing of services for marijuana related businesses. With the recent Green Rush sweeping the nation, both medical and recreational dispensaries may finally be one step closer to receiving the national legitimacy they deserve. As... Read more

The United States of Addiction: Inside The Vicious Cycle of Stigmatization


Often it takes the death of a truly beloved, iconic individual in the public eye to recognize the detrimental and lethal effects of an epidemic that’s been silently sweeping the nation for far too long. Phillip Seymour Hoffman was found dead at the age of 46 in his New York City apartment with his heroin needle still in his arm. This jarring image is just now opening the eyes of millions to... Read more