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Medical Marijuana

Cannabinoids Inhibit Tumor Growth in New Japanese Study


A new study published by Japanese researchers in the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology suggests that Cannabinoids may play an active role in inhibiting the growth of tumors and cancerous cells in mice. Mice are used in many research studies because they are biologicallly similar to humans. Mice have 99% identical genes arranged in almost the same order on their chromosomes as... Read more

Chemo Kills But Cannabis Cures


Chemotherapy is considered the “standard” when treating cancer. The problem however is that this “accepted standard” is a very ineffective way to deal with cancer. In fact statistically speaking chemo kills 2/3 of the people it’s supposed to be curing. And if you actually study the history of chemo you’ll even find more shocking facts that will make even the... Read more

Arkansas Attorney General McDaniel Rejects Proposed 2014 Medical Marijuana Measure


On Tuesday, Attorney General Dustin McDaniel rejected a proposed medical marijuana measure that would've legalized the medicinal use of marijuana in the state of Arkansas. The measure would have been presented before state voters as a state-issued ballot initiative, similar to the one brought before Massachusetts' voters. Attorney General McDaniel rejected the proposal mainly because of the... Read more

Compassionate Medicine Engraved into the Granite State: New Hampshire Becomes 19th State to Legalize Medical Marijuana


On Tuesday, New Hampshire became the nineteenth state to legalize the medicinal use of marijuana. After a lengthy time period of confusion and uncertainty, New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan enacted into legislation the measure that was passed this year with bipartisan support. In turn, the legislation would allow doctors to provide relief to patients through the use of appropriately regulated... Read more

The Many uses of Hash


Hash is probably one of the oldest ways that marijuana was smoked and traded and dates back thousands of years. Many people overlook hash but there are in fact many different uses for hash and knowing how to use them could bring great potential to one’s health and happiness. In the following section we’ll cover some of the uses of Hash and even see how it is being used till this day... Read more

FaIrfield, Connecticut Group Wants to Open Grow Facility in West Haven


A Fairfield-based company has filed an application to become one of the next medical marijuana production facilities in West Haven, Connecticut. The company will appear before the planning and zoning commissions of West Haven today, as reported per the New Haven Register. The company is known as Advanced Grow Labs L.L.C. The proposed medical marijuana production facility would open and... Read more

Cannabis and the Cognitive Dissonance of the Moral Minority


Cognitive Dissonance is a defense mechanism that most people have when core beliefs are challenged. People automatically close themselves down to ideas that can revolutionize their perception of life. For instance if you speak to someone who firmly believes that the world is flat and try to convince him or her that the opposite is true…you would encounter Cognitive Dissonance. Who is the... Read more

Florida Advocacy Group Now Able to Collect Signatures for Ballot Initiative


Medical marijuana advocates in Florida have received the final approval necessary to start collecting signatures for a ballot initiative to enshrine physician-approved medical cannabis into the state's constitution. This was a substantial victory for supporters of medical marijuana, as those in Florida have been long fighting for proper reform and right to treatment. The petition, also known as... Read more

New Mexico Voices Concern over MMJ Access for Veterans with PTSD


On Tuesday, medical marijuana advocates in the state of New Mexico launched a campaign directed at protecting military veteran’s access to medical cannabis. The campaign has national implications to provide more former troops who suffer from PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder with relief in medical cannabis. Post-traumatic stress disorder is currently a qualifying condition for New... Read more

Modern day Reefer Madness is still Rampant


Every now and then you’ll read about the dangers of marijuana and new evidence that suggest how “bad” it is but in most cases if you dig a bit deeper you find that these studies are always very bias against cannabis. Setting out to prove the mischief The FDA only grants money for cannabis studies if the purpose of thus said study is to prove how bad it is. They won’t... Read more