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Medical Marijuana

The 30+ years of Federal Marijuana Hypocrisy


The DEA claims that Marijuana has no accepted medical value and high potential for abuse but know that this isn’t true. How do they know this? The answer might shock most Americans. Did you know that the federal government actually has a Federally run Medical Marijuana program. Although from the original list of 36 patients only a handful are still living but in 2009 one of these patients... Read more

How to cure Cancer with Cannabis


Okay, now you all may have heard that cannabis does cure cancer, or at least certain types of cancers. There is now no doubt in anyone who has done at least a little research that cannabis DOES have medicinal value, contrary to what our federal govenment says. The biggest issue currently however is that most people are ignorant on “how” to use cannabis to cure cancer. The following... Read more

When will we have gone “too far” with Marijuana Prohibition?


The defendants of Prohibition claim that we are doing a “good job” by continuing with our current approach on drug enforcement. They believe locking people up, stopping medical patients getting access to their medicine and horrific executions on the Southern Border is all worth it. But when will we reach that point when we have gone too far with drug prohibition? When all the ill... Read more

The Greatest Act of Defiance


In a world where your consumption is regulated by politicians who are in turn controlled by private corporations and powerful lobbies we need to realize that our so called “democratic” society has come to an end. Currently we cannot claim to be living in a Free society since none of us are free to choose a simple act such as smoking a joint. Even more shockingly nowadays it seems... Read more

How Reefer Madness Works in Modern America


Reefer Madness is still as prevalent as it was in 1937 and the simple minded still accepts the BS. A recent article published in CBS Atlanta misled thousands of readers by this false title: “Study: Marijuana Linked to Lung Cancer.” Whenever my eye catches a title like that, especially since I know that it’s false, I read it immediately. After skimming through the 210 words of... Read more

Federal Judge Rules N.Y.P.D Stop-And-Frisk Unconstitutional


According to a report in the New York Times, a federal judge has ruled that the New York Police Department's highly-contested and extremely controversial use of stop-and-frisk tactic have violated the rights of thousands upon thousands of New Yorkers. The arbiter, Judge Shira Scheindlin, ruled on Monday that a federal monitor is to be assigned to the N.Y.P.D. in order to watch over the... Read more

Connecticut Licenses Another Grow Facility License


After a series of extremely dedicated and compassionate arguments were heard from both side of the Middletown Common Council on Monday, the city of Middletown became the second municipality in the state of Connecticut to green-light a lease for a brand new medical marijuana production facility. The 6-3 favored vote will allow the facility to be constructed in a city-owned building. Greenbelt... Read more

Have you Heard about Charlottes Web?


Charlotte Figi is one of the youngest medical marijuana patients in the world and her story is one of legends. She was born into a family that was avidly against marijuana legalization and voted against each initiative; that was until Dravet Syndrome entered their lives. CNN did a major piece on Charlotte Figi entitled; Marijuana Stops Child’s Severe Seizures where they outlined what... Read more

The Dawn of Cannabis Advertisement


The Marijuana Policy Project recently managed to purchase a spot on a NASCAR event only to have it removed after airing only once or twice. Apparently there was quite an outrage to compare the sanctity of “beer” with “unholy marijuana”. Despite the debate over morality there was something significant that occurred within this entire ordeal; Cannabis Advertisement was... Read more

Illinois May Become 20th Medical Marijuana State Next Week


In less than one week, Illinois may be the 20th state to legalize medical marijuana for patients with one or more 33 debilitating conditions. Under Illinois law, if the Governor fails to stamp his signature onto the bill either to approve or veto it, the legislature bill will automatically become law. House Bill 1 would allow patients that are suffering from specific medical conditions such as... Read more