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Medical Marijuana

Stanley Brothers Unified by Care Giving and Cultivation


A Coloradan band of brothers have made a living off of their strong belief in the healing powers and medically beneficial side effects of marijuana. Brothers – Josh, Joel, Jesse, Jon, Jordan and Jared have dedicated their business to carefully cultivating customized strains, remarkably low in the predominant psychoactive THC component. By growing CBD-dominant strains, the brothers have... Read more

Destroying the Amotivational Syndrome Argument


Destroying the "Amotivational Syndrome" Argument Many people will tell you that smoking weed makes you lazy. These people, that say this…don’t smoke cannabis. It always makes me wonder how these “experts” can draw their conclusion on a substance they either have very limited experience with or none at all. They cite government studies that have been proven to be nothing... Read more

Couple Spiritually Fated to Open Second D.C. Dispensary


“There will come a day when dispensaries won’t be necessary, when marijuana will be treated like any other prescription drug.” These are the words that fuel the very progression and foundation of the medical marijuana industry. Just one month ago couple Jeffrey and Stephanie Reifkind Kahn opened the second licensed dispensary in the District of Columbia. However, these two are... Read more

Destroying the Myth: Marijuana makes you dumb?


Within the United States of America, there are over 83 million people that have consumed marijuana for medical and recreational purposes. Even though this group is still considered a minority, the number of people that consume it is still a big part of the population. The enigma comes with all those affections related to the subject, most non-users of marijuana relate it to the 70´s and a... Read more Posts Pro-Marijuana Billboard at Denver Bronco's Stadium


Pro-marijuana group Marijuana Policy Project has erected a pro-marijuana billboard in front of Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium, home of the Denver Broncos football team. The purpose of the billboard is to urge the NFL to reconsider its harsh rules barring players from smoking marijuana.The billboard measuring 48 feet long tells the National Football League to "stop driving... Read more

How is Smoking Marijuana a “Danger to Society?”


“The Dangers of Marijuana” is something that Prohibitionists always talk about. They say it is “dangerous” to legalize implying that if we were to end prohibition tomorrow, the level of “danger” unleashed on the public would destroy the fundamental principles of America. According to them Kids would almost immediately begin to smoke reefer and would in turn... Read more

Obama’s “Bigger Fish to Fry” seems to still be Marijuana


In the beginning of 2013 the entire United States were waiting on how President Obama would respond to Washington and Colorado legalizing recreational marijuana. He said that Marijuana would not be a priority and that they have “bigger fish to fry”. The cannabis communities across the States let out a sigh of relief that was outlived shortly. Despite the fact that the President... Read more

Cannabis the Great Revealer of Truth


I can’t speak for everyone but a great number of people I know that consume cannabis have changed over the years they have smoked it. The change is actually very welcoming as most of these people developed a more tolerant outlook on life. In addition to this new level of tolerance and harmony with their environment they also had a steady disapproval of government activities. The First... Read more

The Most Sought-After Medical Marijuana Program on Earth


Imagine a society where medical marijuana is treated as a pain relieving medication no different than a dose of Tylenol or Advil. This same world leaves the negative stigma attached to cannabis at the door and views the plant as a medically beneficial analgesic for a myriad of ailments and diseases. This is essentially the kind of world medical professionals in Israel are actively... Read more

Medical Marijuana for Children – Breaking the Taboo


A Lot of people are always arguing whether marijuana should be given to children or not. Now I am not in favor of allowing kids to use marijuana for recreation but when it comes to medical conditions we’re already giving our children far worse drugs. Current Kid Trends These days ADD is the latest trend for kids. Instead of telling parents to take their kids out to parks, to do... Read more