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Medical Marijuana

In the Works, A Sweeter Way to Get Your Medicine


Connecticut co-owner of Greenbelt Management, Jason Nickerson, has reached out to a North End cupcake business in hopes of finding a sweeter way for patients to obtain their medical marijuana. Carrie Carella, owner of NoRA Cupcake Company was approached by Nickerson just last week with the idea of creating sweet medibles for state registered patients. The two have something more than tiny treats... Read more

How Hemp can Save the World


A lot of people know about the wonders of hemp but in reality nobody can envision how hemp can save the world. The fact of the matter is that we haven’t been able to analyze exactly how amazing hemp can be mainly due to the fact that it, along with cannabis, was placed on the most deviant scheduling possible under the Controlled Substance Act. The Many Uses of Hemp Firstly, we must... Read more

How to eradicate Illegal Marijuana Grow Operations


In the mainstream media we get to hear day in and day out about “another illegal pot bust” happening in some national park or “illegal marijuana grow danger to wildlife” and so on. Now, I’m not in favor or using national parks to grow cannabis illegally because it does have negative impact on the environment. Some of the negative impacts from these operations... Read more

In a turn of Unexpected Events, The Dalai Lama Supports Medical Marijuana


While Tenzin Gyatso, otherwise known as the 14th Dalai Lama, is currently wrapping up his trip to New York after various attempts to spread messages of interreligious harmony and his thoughts on Buddhist texts, his Holiness has another message for the world -- he supports medical marijuana use. The spiritual leader told supporters of his stance on cannabis during the middle of an event hosted by... Read more

What would happen if we didnt try to legislate morality


Our current model of “Moral Legislation” has sent our modern society into a rut of criminal activity, official bribery and of course the unjust incarceration of the masses. Defendants of prohibition argue it’s for the “safety” of society however there is nothing safe about prohibition at all. Yet with 76 years of prohibition I am stuck with a hypothetical situation... Read more

From Hershey's to Hemp Production


In Ottawa, an abandoned Hershey’s chocolate factory may very well become the face of mass produced marijuana. Ironically enough, the Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, who takes a tough stance on crime and has never smoked marijuana before feels the reconstruction of the factory to a marijuana production facility will work to establish positive and highly beneficial revenue. The chairman of... Read more

What will happen to Medical Marijuana once Cannabis is legal for adults


A lot of medical marijuana patients have expressed their concerns to me about the legalization movement of cannabis. They believe that if everyone can smoke cannabis freely, that their medicine would be compromised. It is very different to smoke marijuana for recreational purposes and taking it to cure a brain tumor. The value you place on the substance is completely different mainly because on... Read more

Why everybody should Grow their Own Marijuana


Growing medical marijuana is therapy in its own way and also provides a lot of benefits as well. While we are currently shifting towards a new marijuana model in the world we should explore the benefits of allowing adults with a medical marijuana card to grow their own cannabis. In the following text we’ll cover some of the fundamental issues in relation to home grown cannabis. Quality... Read more

How ineffective is Drug Prohibition really


In essence the drug war has the following objectives in mind; To eradicate illegal drug manufacturing, to reduce consumption and to have a “drug free” society. While this “sounds” to be a noble cause we have to consider the legitimacy of such a policy in terms of execution and more importantly, whether a “drug free” society is how we are supposed to... Read more

How to Curb the Rise of Synthetic Marijuana


Make no mistake, Synthetic Marijuana is most definitely dangerous. Throughout the past few years synthetic versions of cannabis hit the market and since then plenty of people have experienced emergency room visits. I myself have only twice tried synthetic marijuana but while I experienced my “legal high” there was still something that my body didn’t like. I have also been... Read more