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Results Page 4 for Marijuana Recipes

Cooking With Cannabis: Marijuana Milk Recipe


Difficulty Level: Easy Many medical marijuana patients prefer to medicate with edible marijuana products, like pot brownies. But instead of eating your medicine, you can drink your medicine with this marijuana milk recipe. Or, it can be the perfect way to wash down your pot cookies. All you need to get started is some milk, a grinder, a double boiler and, of course, some medical marijuana.... Read more

Cannabis Cooking: Recipe for Pot Brownies from Scratch


Difficulty Level: Moderate Pot brownies are a delicious way to use medical marijuana to alleviate symptoms from countless medical conditions, such as cancer, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis and more. To make a batch of pot brownies, anyone can follow the directions on the back of a box of brownie mix and substitute pot butter for oil. But making pot brownies from scratch is just as... Read more

Cannabis Cooking: Chocolate Chip Pot Cookie Recipe


Difficulty Level: Easy This week’s recipe is for the most popular edible marijuana treatment of all—pot cookies. When medicating with marijuana, remember that ingesting marijuana has significantly different effects than when smoking cannabis. The effects from smoking cannabis are usually felt within the first ten minutes and the effects may last from 30 minutes to 3 hours. But... Read more

Cannabis Cooking: Marijuana Butter Recipe


Difficulty Level: Easy Many marijuana patients prefer to medicate with edible marijuana treats, so we’ll be posting recipes here at for pot brownies, pot cookies and all sorts of delicious marijuana treat-ments on a regular basis. But before you go baking your Martha Stewart heart out, we should first go over the essential ingredient for the majority of  cannabis... Read more