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Development within the legal marijuana industry is snowballing with recent, successful efforts in passing recreational and medical legislation in more states across the U.S.. While federal, comprehensive marijuana legalization still faces significant barriers from anti-reformers, the indus Read More

Health Benefits of Hemp and Medical Benefits of Marijuana


Most people don’t realize that there is a scientific difference between hemp and marijuana, and both have key health benefits to offer. Here’s a closer look at the two, how they differ, the health benefits they offer, and why marijuana offers evenmore health benefits than hemp benefits Read More

Marijuana Use in U.S. Adults on the Rise as Attitudes, Laws Shift


Location: United States | Source: If it seems like Americans might be relaxing their attitudes toward marijuana use in the last few years, it could be because they are. American's perception of cannabis use has always been reflected in usage and legalization suppo Read More

How Marijuana Legalization could make users less likely to abuse it


I’m sure that you have read the headlines which touts the fallacy that “marijuana consumption doubled over the past decade along with associated risks”. If you haven’t, I’m sure you’ll stumble across these articles as it has been reported by most major news networks. Essenti Read More

Tommy Chong to Release his own Medical Marijuana Brand “Chong Star”


With Cannabis coming into the mainstream and becoming more accepted among the general population of the US, Tommy Chong has decided to make the official brand Chong Star medical marijuana. It is no surprise that Tommy Chong has long been in the entertainment business as a Pot Supersta Read More

Marijuana strains for children


Medical marijuana has long been praised Medical Properties. The topic of medical marijuana for children however, is still quite controversial despite the fact that there is a great body of evidence that supports the use of cannabis for children. One must be aware of the fact that the me Read More

Marijuana Moms of Beverly Hills


A glamorous group of Beverly Hills moms are progressively shifting their perception of parenting with their firm stance on marijuana - making them better wives, parents and people. In fact, they call themselves the Cannabis Club, and they frequently get together for cannabis-infused dinner Read More

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