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Best Medical Marijuana Strains For Anxiety


Anxiety disorders are mental conditions that make people worry intensely about future events and become terrified about current issues. This condition can be so severe that it prevents people from carrying out daily activities and leading a healthy life. Whether anxiety is in the form o Read More

Choosing the Best Medical Marijuana Strains for Severe Nausea


One of the most amazing things about cannabis medicine is its versatility. Patients with dozens of conditions have reported positive results regarding a range of symptoms after using medical marijuana. How is this possible? Because cultivators have learned how to grow specific types of can Read More

Best Strains for Nighttime Use


Newcomers to marijuana medicine will find a wide variety of medical solutions for their health conditions. The term “medical marijuana” isn’t limited to just one type of medication. For example, medicinal cannabis products vary by the best time of day for use, meaning some types work Read More

Best Strains for Daytime Use


You may think that the term “medical marijuana” refers to one kind of drug for one purpose. But, cannabis medication works as its own medicine cabinet. Different types of medical cannabis treatments are more effective for certain times of day, conditions and symptoms. One of the way Read More

Best Medical Marijuana Strains for Chronic Pain


Medical marijuana is a highly effective medicine for chronic pain as well as a wide variety of other ailments, from epilepsy to severe nausea. But with seemingly endless strains to choose from, how do you know what the best strain is for chronic pain? Indica vs. Sativa and CBD vs. THC for Read More

Do I Need a Different Strain of Medical Marijuana?


When you opt to take medical marijuana to treat your symptoms, you need to be aware all medical cannabis products aren’t the same. There are many varieties, known as strains, from various areas of the world. The characteristics of each cannabis strain give it the unique properties that h Read More

What are CBD rich strains good for?


Cannabis provides a plethora of benefits to the body. Some compounds within the plant will not get you high but still hold great medical value to the user. In fact, some medical patients seek out CBD rich strains for their specific medical conditions. What is CBD anyway? CBD or Cannabidi Read More

What Marijuana Strains are Best for Energy and Motivation?


Some people associate cannabis smokers with being lazy, unmotivated and yellowed fingers from scarfing down Cheetos. Little do these people know that cannabis has the ability to supercharge your day, focus your motivation and allow you to get things done. Today, we’ll be exploring the to Read More

Gupta Kush – A New Marijuana Strain Dedicated to the Honest Doctor


A new Marijuana Strain is on the loose and it is called Dr. Sanjay Gupta Kush but the name might have to be changed to Gupta Kush because of CNN’s bickering to stop the dispensary that developed the strain to stop calling it that. What is Gupta Kush? This Hybrid Sativa-Indica cross Read More

Have You Heard About Charlotte’s Web?


Charlotte Figi is one of the youngest medical marijuana patients in the world and her story is one of legends. She was born into a family that was avidly against marijuana legalization and voted against each initiative; that was until Dravet Syndrome entered their lives. CNN did a major Read More

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