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The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Study on Medical Marijuana and Autism


We have a decent amount of research on medical marijuana’s ability to treat conditions like pain and seizures, but what about autism? Researchers at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) want to find out how medical marijuana can treat autism symptoms. CHOP plans to work wi Read More

Countries With the Most Medical Marijuana Research


Medical marijuana research is nowhere near as advanced in the U.S. as it is in other countries. In fact, some of the best research is being conducted in places you might never have associated with weed. Here’s a quick outline of the progress a couple of other countries are making in medi Read More

The Medical Benefits of Using Cannabis To Treat Seizures and Epilepsy


Epileptic seizures have long stumped physicians. While they are caused by some type of "short-circuit" within the brain, or electrical storm if you will, that is the only common factor. Not only do seizures show no preference for age, gender or race but they are also caused by a wide varie Read More

The Roadblocks Preventing Marijuana Research from Finding a Cure to Cancer


With attitudes about marijuana easing recently, and Americans now overwhelmingly voting to legalize medical cannabis and supporting fewer restrictions on marijuana use, many patients whose physicians have recommended cannabis for medical issues and symptom management, are rightfully concer Read More

The Medical Benefits of Using Cannabis To Treat Anxiety and Depression


Most of the research done on the use of cannabis to help alleviate the symptoms of health related disorders has primarily taken place in the physical arena. There has been much research done on medical marijuana and cancer, pain relief and other medical conditions. It has only been recentl Read More

The Medical Benefits of Using Cannabis To Treat Nausea and Vomiting


In the past few decades, anedoctal evidence has shown that medical cannabis is an effective treatment for pain, inflammation and, nausea and vomitting. As a therapeutic treatment, medical cannabis controls nausea and vomiting in association with appetite simulation. While the connection Read More

Israel Marijuana Research vs. United States Marijuana Research


Government backing of marijuana research makes all the difference. It has in Israel, where the Ministry of Health is a huge proponent of the medical marijuana industry. Both the government as well as Israeli medical companies are pushing hard to support scientific research; even ultra-cons Read More

Desperate Parents Call For Marijuana Research for Seizure Disorders, Like Epilepsy


Finding a treatment for children suffering from seizure disorders and epilepsy is often difficult, since some seizures are treatment resistant. While other epilepsy treatment options and seizure treatment options exist, not only are they often ineffective, they come with serious side effec Read More

Israel is A Medical Cannabis Research Mecca


Israel is a small nation. Some of our states are bigger. But Israel is a global leader in medical marijuana research. Fifty years ago, an Israeli scientist, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, was one of the first to discover the key compound cannabidiol or CBD and the structure of THC, and Israel Read More

Discover What Cannabinoids Most Effectively Treat YOUR Symptoms


Marijuana contains 85 cannabinoids, many that have already shown to have medical benefits. These have been found to work because many of them resemble chemicals already present in the human body. There have been individuals who say they have tried using cannabis oil and it was unsuccessfu Read More

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