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New York Makes Strides in its Expansion of Medical Marijuana Laws


Anyone with an ill and suffering loved one understands the heartache of witnessing him or her in so much pain.  Anyone who finds themselves a prisoner to pain, knows the unbearable desperation of trying to find something to take the pain away, wishing that there was more you could do, or Read More

Get a CA Medical Marijuana Card — Understanding the Qualifications and State Requirements


Although obtaining and using marijuana for medical or recreational purposes is no longer demonized as it once was, there are a few states throughout the US that limit consumption or the ability to qualify for medical marijuana license. If you are currently living in California, you may alr Read More

Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Guide


If you are a patient seeking medical marijuana in Massachusetts, it is important for you to know which debilitating conditions qualify for care, and what steps you need to take to register for a MA medical marijuana card. Conditions that Qualify for Medical Marijuana in Massachsetts The Read More

Temporary Win For California Medical Marijuana Dispensaries — 9th Circuit Court of Appeals


California medical marijuana advocates celebrated what appeared to be a big win on August 16th, 2016, after a federal appeals court handed down a unanimous decision that the federal government may not prosecute individual growers and distributors of medicinal marijuana as long as they ar Read More

Could Pot Be The Cure To The Prescription Pill Pandemic?


A  recent study conducted by the American Medical Association found a significant reduction — as much as 25% percent — in the number of deaths as a result of pharmaceutical painkillers, in states where medical marijuana was legalized, between the years of 1999 and 2010. Reaffirming th Read More

The Laws You Need To Know For Growing And Possessing Marijuana In Any US State


The laws vary for growing and possessing marijuana in all states in which it's currently legal to do so. Listen below to find out the laws in your area. Transcript: Well of course, the worst state as far as home grow is concerned is Washington state, because it does not allow for any hom Read More

With marijuana going legal, why are there more arrests this year?


Cannabis is now legal in over half of the US states, whether for medical reasons or for recreational purposes. This doesn’t mean that the Government is backing down on marijuana arrests, in fact, 2014 marijuana arrest statistics paint a very dismal picture. Last year 619,808 people we Read More

Plea’s For President Obama To Sign The CARERS Act


October 01, 2015 was supposed to be a day that would go down in Oregon history as the day Oregonians overturned pot prohibition and officially began selling recreationally legal marijuana to adults over the age of 21 years - a significantly “high” day by any green standards. However, i Read More

Would you like some Reefer Madness with that Bud?


As cannabis legalization moves forward, there are many opponents that are throwing hissy fits and seemingly inventing statistics to promote their fearmongering concerning marijuana legalization. One recent article that implements this tactic was posted on the website Dispatch.comand spoke Read More

Obama and the 46 Drug Offenders – A Small Step in the Right Direction


Recently President Obama commuted the sentences of 46 drug offenders and this made headlines all across the board. While this is a step in the right direction, there are thousands of new arrests made each year dwarfing this action by the president. While I’m sure those 46 offenders, s Read More

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