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Optimizing the Effects of CBD Oil


According to The Hemp Business Journal, the CBD market is projected to grow by 700%, it will garner nearly $2 billion in consumer sales by 2020. Cannabidiol also known as CBD is certainly one of the fastest growing market categories in the U.S. CBD is a naturally-occurring chemical comp Read More

Best Marijuana Edibles for Sleep Aid


After considering the side effects and dependency potential of standard sleep medicine, some patients opt for medical marijuana to help them sleep. Since it has fewer dependency issues and milder side effects, cannabis helps tons of folks with their insomnia without the risks. Many of t Read More

Benefits of Consuming Raw Cannabis


Juicing leafy greens like spinach and kale for their healthy properties might not sound that amazing to you unless you're a juicing enthusiast. But pressed vegetable juices are increasing in popularity — with consumers, nutritionists, athletes and healthcare professionals. Have you ev Read More

Marijuana Suppositories — A Novel Approach to Administering Cannabis


There are many benefits of medical marijuana, but a lot of challenges as well when it comes to providing patients with the proper dosages and medication methods. Suppositories are growing in acceptance as a safe, effective way to deliver the relief patients need. Here’s some information Read More

Weed-Infused Wine: The New Frontier in Edibles?


Innovation in the marijuana consumption market continues to grow as more and more states are beginning to legalize cannabis. The introduction of marijuana-infused wine is one of the latest examples of companies taking advantage of this. It joins the ranks of everyday food and drinks infuse Read More

5 Things You Need To Know About Medicating With Edibles


Marijuana edibles, or "medibles” as they are also known, are an appetizing and yummy way to medicate, but because of how delicious they are, many people are inclined to eat more than they should. As many newcomers opt for edibles as their method of medication, most are unsure about how m Read More

The Benefits of using Marijuana Wax


Most people are familiar with smoking marijuana through either a pipe or joint. Over the past few years, with innovations in technology, vaporizing has also become quite a popular method of ingesting marijuana. Yet recently there has been a lot of talk about ‘waxing’ which essentiall Read More

Why Idiots shouldn’t make their own Marijuana Wax


Hash Oil has gained popularity over the years. However, it’s nothing new and can be traced back to the 60s or even earlier, these days it’s what’s on the mind of many cannabis consumers. They buy their rigs and nails and get their hands on wax. Some dispensaries sell it, other experi Read More

A Beginners Guide to Cannabis Consumption


With New States Legalizing cannabis seemingly every year, we know that a bunch of “Pot-Newbies” will want to give consuming cannabis a try. With nearly two decades of cannabis smoking under my belt, I have decided to give our newbies a point of reference when consuming cannabis. While Read More

The Many uses of Hash


Hash is probably one of the oldest ways that marijuana was smoked and traded and dates back thousands of years. Many people overlook hash but there are in fact many different uses for hash and knowing how to use them could bring great potential to one’s health and happiness. In the fo Read More

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