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CBD for Toothaches


When we talk about the health benefits of cannabinoids like cannabidiol (CBD), we often mention chronic conditions. Cannabinoids have the power to make daily life happier and healthier for people dealing with harsh symptoms. But, did you know that they can also relieve everyday ailments li Read More

CBD for Knee Pain


Living with pain is an everyday experience for people around the world, and a common complaint that many have is knee pain. It can affect people of all ages for a variety of causes, from injury to severe medical conditions. Knee pain is a prevalent type of chronic pain because of how frequ Read More

CBD For Back Pain


Chronic back pain impacts patients all over the United States. Accidents, improper lifting and age can all cause this common ailment. While we all experience back pain now and then, it can become severe enough to reduce your quality of life. You can try painkillers, but they don't always w Read More

CBD for Sleep Aid


Today, more than 50 million Americans cope with a sleep disorder — insomnia is the most common one, followed by sleep apnea, which affects 25 million Americans. It's a growing issue, complicated by the risk and addictive nature of prescription sleep aids like Ambien. That's why many Am Read More

Using Medical Marijuana with Blood Thinners


The use of cannabis for medicinal purposes is now legal in many states throughout the U.S. This is excellent news for patients struggling with several debilitating disorders that medical marijuana can effectively treat. However, this does raise more questions about the effect it might have Read More

Medical Marijuana and Oral Health


Your teeth and mouth are two essential parts of your body. They help you eat and speak — two incredibly vital life skills! As a comprehensive marijuana health source, we would be remiss to skip over the details about maintaining oral health while using cannabis. Fortunately, keepin Read More

Medical Marijuana for Amputees


Though modern medical techniques have improved amputee surgery survival rates, it’s still a last-resort treatment for several different conditions. The number of amputees has increased because of combat and other situations, including advancing cancers and trauma due to accidents. Amp Read More

Marijuana and Blood Pressure


Approximately one in every three American adults has high blood pressure — that’s roughly 75 million people. High blood pressure is a risk factor for heart disease and strokes. The leading cause of disability in this country, strokes affect about 795,000 Americans each year. Medical Read More

Desperate Parents Call For Marijuana Research for Seizure Disorders


Finding a treatment for children suffering from seizure disorders and epilepsy is often difficult, since some seizures are treatment resistant. While other epilepsy treatment options and seizure treatment options exist, not only are they often ineffective, they come with serious side effec Read More

Easing Heroin Withdrawal — Cannabis Could Be The Key


Heroin addiction has increased considerably in recent years. An estimated 46 people each day succumbs to heroin overdose. With this kind of fatality rate, overcoming heroin addiction has become a major necessity, yet those who attempt withdrawal often find the symptoms to be so severe they Read More

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