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Members of Congress Issue Letter to President Obama: Urge Attorney General Holder To Reclassify Marijuana


While marijuana is slowly but surely becoming one of the most highly-talked about issues among politicians on Capitol Hill, lawmakers across the country are starting to turn to relaxing marijuana laws as a winning issue that lies ahead of 2014. In fact, a group of around eighteen lawmake Read More

Marijuana Is the New Beer


Fans attending the NASCAR Brickyard 400 in Indianapolis this weekend will be treated to a 30 second advertisement that, at first glance, appears to promote a zero-calorie beer. Playing on the Jumbotron just outside of the motor speedway, the short promotional video is targeted to a specifi Read More

New York City Council Votes to Issue Watchdog over NYPD


The New York City Council voted early on Thursday to create an outside inspector to oversee or monitor the New York Police Department. The council also passed another measure that would make it easier to bring claims of racial profiling against the department. When put together, the measur Read More

Obama Administration Says No to Marijuana Legalization


The answer to the war on drugs has been proclaimed and President Barack Obama has made his opinion on marijuana one that is final and stern. While speaking at a large gathering in Mexico City last Friday, Obama shut the door for any possibility that the government would take a more lenien Read More

Could Newly Reformed United States Drug Policies Slow Mexican Violence?


Mexican Cartel Violence and United States Drug Policy Reform Two states, Colorado and Washington have made it clear that they wish for legal recreational access to marijuana. With legalized medical marijuana programs already in effect in these states, the voters have overwhelmingly passed Read More

U.S. House of Representatives Continues the War on Drugs


A bipartisan measure that would have been responsible for eliminating the funding of federal raids on medical marijuana dispensaries in states where it is legal, failed on Wednesday in the House of Representatives. The legislation introduced by representatives Dana Rohrabacher, Tom McClint Read More

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