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United States Surgeon General Supports Study of Medical Cannabis


With a conservative White House running the United States, you’d think we wouldn’t hear anything in favor of medical marijuana coming from a major federal official. But, it turns out not everybody in the Trump administration has a negative opinion of medicinal cannabis. Surgeon Gene Read More

Could 2016 Be The Year Mexico Legalizes Marijuana?


As marijuana continues to go more and more mainstream, it is no longer a question of “IF” marijuana legalization will happen in our lifetime, instead its a question of “WHEN”? And considering the progressive change in attitude towards pot in the US, where there are now 23 legal med Read More

Federal Court warns DEA about interfering with Medical Cannabis Providers


For over almost a year now the DEA and the DOJ were banned from using federal funds to go after legitimate marijuana businesses in states that have a legal framework in place. While the bill that banned the DEA from doing this action was pretty clear in terms of their limitations, the DE Read More

Embracing the Extinction of “Dinosaur Politics” with Marijuana


Sen. Jeff Sessions, GOP dinosaur extraordinaire recently spewed forth the bile known as Prohibitionist rhetoric citing some ludicrous things about cannabis in general. One of his biggest mistakes was lumping all drugs together and then concluding that “marijuana” is the real danger. Read More

Is the War on Drugs really just “War”….on Drugs!


We think of the “War on Drugs” as a title to a government campaign that has lasted for over 4 decades and stems from prohibition which has nearly been in place for 80 years. This policy uses violent tactics to ‘rid the world’ of drugs and claim that they are doing so in the name of Read More

Politicians and their lies about marijuana


Recently Stephen Harper from the Conservative Party in Canada made world headlines with one little statement, “Marijuana is infinitely worse for you than tobacco”. This sent the internet into a wild frenzy especially since there is absolutely no scientific weight to his premise. No Read More

The UFC and Marijuana – Why it’s a perfect match


There’s been a lot of controversy over the suspension of Nick Diaz, who tested positive for marijuana for the third time and received a five year suspension. Recently, Ronda Rousey spoke up for Nick at a press conference in Australia. You can see her whole rant here – Ronda Rousey Read More

What California’s Marijuana Regulations means for the Cannabis Industry


It’s been nearly two decades and California has reached a deal to regulate medical marijuana. Cannabis enthusiasts are always weary about government involvement, however from the industry’s perspective…these changes are welcomed. Consumers also can rejoice in the fact that there w Read More

Head of DEA born a few decades too late in regards to Marijuana


Chuck Rosenberg, the Head of the DEA in a recent interview stated, “I’m not willing to say that it’s good for you, or that it ought to be legalized. I think it’s bad for you and that it ought to remain illegal” when referencing cannabis. Only a month prior he made headlines Read More

Marijuana Mascot and the PC Police


Earlier this week we reported on “Buddie”, the marijuana mascot used in Ohio to gain votes from millennials and how some people reacted to the existence of this mascot claiming that it targets children.  However, as one of our Facebook members so eloquently put it…didn’t D.A.R.E Read More

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