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South Africa Legalizes Private Marijuana Use


On September 18, South Africa's Constitutional Court ruled the illegality of certain marijuana-related activities unconstitutional. Adults may now use or grow marijuana in private. This exciting development offers patients hope of greater access to care and legitimizes marijuana. Why Did Read More

Israel: Export Marijuana


Over the last 50 years, Israel has become an epicenter of marijuana research — the country is at the forefront of weed technology and its medicinal and cultural evolution. Now, Israel is looking to pass legislation in 2018 allowing companies to export their products to other countries, i Read More

Poland Legalizes Medical Marijuana


Polish pharmacies could begin legally selling cannabis on November 1, after a hard-fought battle in Parliament. Piotr Krzysztof Liroy-Marzec, former rapper Liroy, was able to push the legislation through two years after he was elected to the Polish parliament. The Polish Medical Marijuana Read More

Updates to Medical Marijuana Program in Israel


Medical marijuana is known for helping patients who are suffering from certain medical conditions, not only in Israel but across the globe. The Government of Israel recently released a resolution concerning medical cannabis products, access to care for patients who qualify and supply of ma Read More

The Future of The Global Import/Export Cannabis Market


Cannabis as an industry has evolved a lot since California first sparked the medical marijuana movement in the 70’s, however, with the recent introduction of the adult-use recreational cannabis market, the industry has stepped it up another notch, and with the world poised for legalizati Read More

Bermuda Government Preps for Legalization


The Bermuda Government recently went public with its plans to legalize medical marijuana, with further intention of also giving the police more leeway in cautioning first-time possession offenders, who may otherwise have been charged. Governor George Fergusson said, "The Government has Read More

Why Latin America will Legalize Marijuana


If you monitor the news feeds you’ll see that Latin America is gearing up towards legalization. Many people say that Latin America is too conservative but then again, those people don’t live in Latin America. There are other motivational factors in place that will nudge Latin Ame Read More

Mexico starting to talk about Marijuana Legalization


In Mexico the battle for marijuana legalization is still very young despite the fact that Mexico is the #1 supplier of cannabis worldwide. Mexicans tend to be much more “conservative” than Americans are and I use the term loosely. I would much rather say, and this is true for all count Read More

Puerto Rico May Legalize Medical Marijuana


Politicians are preparing to discuss the possibilities for a legislative bill that would allow the use of medical marijuana for patients with certain with medical conditions. The measure put forth by legislators would design for a framework that would lawfully produce the cannabis in which Read More

Marijuana Laws in foreign countries: How do they compare to the U.S?


Have you ever wondered how other countries and their marijuana laws compare to the United States? You may be surprised to know that it is not just The Netherlands who are lax when it comes to criminalizing the green herb.  Many other countries such as Spain, Peru, and Portugal have take t Read More

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