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Organic Marijuana


You may have noticed that medical marijuana patients tend to have a more holistic approach to life than other kinds of patients. Perhaps you consider yourself one of them. Even if you don't consider yourself a "hippie," you might have an interest in natural medicine now that you've experie Read More

How to Identify, Treat and Prevent Bud Rot on Marijuana Plants


If you’re a medical marijuana grower, the odds are you’ve had to deal with bud rot at one point or another. Bud rot is one of the nastiest diseases your plants can get. It’s a fungus that attacks the weed plant and then spreads rapidly to the buds, destroying everything in its path. Read More

How to Grow Cannabis for Juicing


Whether you want to grow cannabis for making a smoothie every morning or for using it for juicing, there are a few pointers needed, especially if you are not an expert. Sometimes it is hard to get hands on marijuana oil or it might just be a bit on the expensive size. Consuming raw cannabi Read More

Why you should be allowed to grow marijuana for personal use at home


With cannabis legalization efforts popping up all over the place, one good question that we should all consider is whether or not we should be allowed to grow our own cannabis at home. There is great debate surrounding this idea since it would mean that anyone over the age of 21 would h Read More

Why everybody should be allowed to Grow Marijuana at Home


With more states opting in for a legal cannabis framework, I find it important to encourage lawmakers to include ‘home growing’ bills. Marijuana is a plant and should be allowed to be grown by any adult either for recreational or medical relief. Patients Some medical patients require Read More

Why Home-Growing Should be Allowed in Marijuana Bills


Out of the currently four legal marijuana states, Washington is the only state that doesn’t allow cannabis cultivation at home. The primary premise, according to the regulators, is that they want to limit the “potential for black market activities” by controlling the substance from Read More

Why everybody should Grow their Own Marijuana


Growing medical marijuana is therapy in its own way and also provides a lot of benefits as well. While we are currently shifting towards a new marijuana model in the world we should explore the benefits of allowing adults with a medical marijuana card to grow their own cannabis. In the Read More

Genetically Modified Marijuana


With the widespread recognition of medical marijuana, big time agribusinesses are gaining the opportunity to hone in on the major cash crop. With millions to be made in the cannabis industry, giant agricultural biotechnology company, Monsanto, has announced plans to introduce newly develop Read More

Why Growing Marijuana is Your Fundamental Human Right


It is an outrage that cannabis is still illegal. Each day new evidence comes to light supporting the legalization of cannabis and every day the Federal government continues to stonewall progress. Throughout the following segment we’ll cover the basics on how growing marijuana is actually Read More

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