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Cast Your Vote on Marijuana at

Cast Your Vote on Marijuana at

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 12/05/2010 in Medical Marijuana News

Democracy by definition is fundamentally government by the people and freedom of speech is an essential component of that system. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology and the creation of a new website, the 310 million people living across the United States of America, can connect, communicate and now sound out, making them more prominently heard than ever before.

Welcome the newest pot portal to the polls, is America’s first comprehensive and extensive, nationwide Marijuana Legalization survey open to the public. The site’s mission is to eliminate the misconception that marijuana is a societal evil. They have made it their goal to conduct an unbiased survey on the general public’s true colors when asked their feelings on the subject. Firm believers in the virtues of democracy, they are encouraging all Americans to pass their points on, not only those in favor of the cannabis culture. It is in this regard that they believe politicians will be able to truthfully put the pieces of the puzzle together and undoubtedly hear the will of the nation, state by state.

Based on the simple concept of a user anonymously casting a vote and stipulating their state of residence, a social graph is generated classifying the overall persuasion and further categorizing the statistics by that of each state. This collective data may then be utilized to assist government lobbyists, politicians and medical marijuana petitioners alike. In order for an accurate assessment, it is crucial that all voices be heard in this matter, so I personally implore you to take title of our civil rights once more and play your part in this poll.

In the face of these ever changing days where we are at last beginning our exploration of much territory previously untouched, it is vital that we take an active role in sculpting our progressive path ahead especially when it’s as straightforward as just 2 clicks on your computer screen.

Cast your vote at

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